Historical past of Youtube

Youtube is a huge tech company that everyone seems to forget about. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

But Youtube has changed the face of the internet.

Today we have an infographic that maps that history. From the starting in 2005 to today.

Youtube (owned by Google) is second by monthly users only to Facebook.

The takeaway for marketers is if you are looking to social maybe peek at Youtube.

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Easy methods to Examine If a Fb Submit Has Been Edited

Locating Arrow Menu

Facebook allows you to edit a post after publishing. It may be a blessing for the absent-minded, who can easily clear their post from errors, however, it can also be troubling in some other situations. Like, you’d never know if someone posts something offensive about you and change it later, or you wont be able to use a post as proof if its content is changed after you last checked it.

How to Customize the ‘Via’ status on your Facebook Posts

How to Customize the ‘Via’ status on your Facebook Posts

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Previously, if a post on Facebook was edited then “Edited” used to appear beside it, but some time ago Facebook took this feature away. However, there is still a way to verify whether a post is edited or not, and what was its original version.

Here are three simple steps to do so:

  1. Locate the post you wanted to check and click the “Menu arrow” at the top right corner of post.
    Locating Arrow Menu
  2. Click “More options” in the menu.
    More OptionsMore Options

    Sometimes you will see “View edit history” instead of “More options”. Click on it and you will see the original and edited versions of a post. However, if you see “More options” then proceed with Step 3.

  3. View Edit HistoryView Edit History
  4. Click “View edit history” to see the original and edited post. The original post will be on the top of the edited posts.<figure
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Discover Free Wi-Fi Close by Utilizing Fb

find wi-fi hotspot

Late last year, Facebook tested out an interesting feature called “Find Wi-Fi” on the iOS Facebook app. After nearly half a year’s worth of testing, the said feature is now making its way to the public, with the Android Facebook app being part of the rollout.

This Site Will Show You All Nearby Cafes with WiFi Hotspots

This Site Will Show You All Nearby Cafes with WiFi Hotspots

Picture this scenario: you’re currently exploring your new city, relying on your mobile data to get you through…Read more

If the feature has gone live on your Facebook app, you’ll be able to see the Find Wi-Fi selection in the app’s “More” menu. Upon activating it, Facebook will bring you to a map that displays all Wi-Fi hotspots that are nearest to you, alongside information of the business that is providing said Wi-Fi.

find wi-fi hotspot

So how does Facebook populate its map with hotspots? Well, the system requires businesses to opt-in to the feature. Businesses will be given the option to add their Wi-Fi details to their Facebook page via the “Edit Page Info”.

Once the Wi-Fi details have been provided, Facebook would use said information to populate the map. Simply put, the usefulness of Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi feature depends on how much businesses in your area rely on the social network service.

edit page infoedit page info

Despite the minor drawbacks, the Find Wi-Fi feature will prove useful to those who are frequently out and about on their smartphones. For those who’ve yet to find this feature available on their Facebook app, rest assured that

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Fb now enables you to Co-edit Your Albums with Associates

sample album

Are you the type of person who likes to keep track of their activities over the course of a trip? If so, Facebook’s latest update to its Albums feature will make it so much easier to keep a log of your tours or trips as it now lets you store photos, posts and more in it.

How to View Facebook Photos, Pinterest Style [Quicktip]

How to View Facebook Photos, Pinterest Style [Quicktip]

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Add videos, check-ins & posts

Available on both the desktop and Android version of Facebook, with iOS support coming soon, the new Albums feature now lets you add videos, check-ins and text posts into the album, alongside the usual photos of course.

sample album
Co-edit albums with friends

In the event that you would like your friends to edit the album with you, Facebook has also made it easier by enabling your friends to collaborate with you on an album.

create albumcreate album

Simply toggle “Add Contributors” option on, tap on the “Choose Friends” option, and select the people that you want to be collaborating with you. Once that’s done, your selected friends will be granted permission to modify the album.

edit contributorsedit contributors
Featured Albums

To make your album standout even more, Facebook has also introduced a “Featured Albums” tab on your Facebook page. Much like the Featured Photos option, the Featured Albums tab lets you place a number of your available albums directly to your main Facebook page, making

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Fb is Getting a New Function Referred to as “Newest Conversations”

stories by friends

Anyone who has ever used any social network service would probably be well aware of the echo chamber phenomena whereby like-minded individuals would converse among themselves regarding certain sensitive topics, thereby leading to confirmation bias.

Facebook Messenger now comes with end-to-end encryption via Secret Conversation

Facebook Messenger now comes with end-to-end encryption via Secret Conversation

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Facebook is well aware of the echo chambers that a large portion of its user base has built, which is why the company is rolling out a feature called Latest Conversation that could help negate some of the problems that stem from an echo chamber.

Currently being rolled out to Facebook users around the world, Latest Conversation is a feature that can be found by searching for certain topics using Facebook’s own search bar. Prior to the introduction of Latest Conversation, when a user wanted to search for a specific topic on Facebook, the results would show news stories as well as posts made by the user’s friends.

stories by friends

Once Latest Conversation goes live, not only will the user be able to see news stories and postings from their friends, they would also be able to see posts made by complete strangers about the topic.

by strangersby strangers

Apart from being able to view the posts of complete strangers, the Latest Conversation feature will also come with a tracker that updates in real time, allowing you to see just how many people are talking about the subject matter at

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What Fb Picture Recognition Know-how Is aware of About Your Photographs

Many Facebook users are probably aware of the fact that the social network service has some form of image recognition technology under the hood. After all, this is how Facebook is able to suggest the right friends in which to tag your photos with.

How to See Every Photo Someone Liked on Facebook

How to See Every Photo Someone Liked on Facebook

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Tagging friends aside, did you know that Facebook’s image recognition technology also helps them tag your photos with specific parameters? If you’re interested in looking at those tags yourself, here’s how you can access them.

  1. On the Facebook website, open an enlarged version of a photo.
  2. If you’re on Google Chrome, right-click on the image and select Inspect. If you’re on other browsers, open up the browser’s Developer Tools.
  3. Search for the “alt attribute of the image tag” in the Developer Tools.

Once you’ve managed to find the image’s alt attribute, you’ll be able to see all of the tags that are associated with the picture past the phrase “Image may content”.

image content
image by contentimage by content

For the most part, the tags associated with the photos are rather accurate. That being said, the image recognition system doesn’t seem to work well with pictures that aren’t photos such as pictures and screenshots.

In these cases, there is a chance that you’ll see this rather than image tags instead.

pictures formatpictures format

For those of you who

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Not With no Enterprise Mannequin: Why “Simply Do It” is Not a Good Recommendation

Customer benefit, profit model, available resources: these are not the only important aspects that are often neglected when you and your friends come up with the new Facebook. Nonetheless, social media accounts with the new company names are set up first. Often, there’s a lack of a larger perspective – a business model can help with that.

The Aftermath

Two new domains were secured, Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as a YouTube channel, were created. The search for license-free images for the future website had already started. What happened? In the evening, after the workout, a group of friends drank some beer together, and came up with “the best idea ever”!

Sadly, most of the time, it stays an idea, and the hot flame of motivation turns into a cold lump of disappointment.

Risk: Having an Idea and Just Doing it

Often, between a good idea and getting started, there’s only one intermediate step missing – but it’s an important one. If the action is not taken, there’s a risk of the entire project freezing up. An example: the idea “online shop for t-shirts with cute cats” may seem like a way to make money off of the cat video hype. And friend 1 watches a lot of YouTube videos so that he can start an own channel tomorrow – a compilation of the best videos. Friend 2 was pretty good at drawing in college, so he’ll do the graphics. There’s also a ton of cat images on the internet so that you could print these. Friend 3 is a social media connoisseur and knows that cat content does great. Visitors will get to the online shop via Facebook and Youtube, and the t-shirts will sell like hot cakes!

But is all of that enough for three people to at least make some decent

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Fb Netiquettes to Promote Good Dialogue on Your Wall

be open to new ideas

Once upon a time, in a land before social networking sites like Facebook, there were things called forums and newsgroups. Users like you and me hide behind anonymity, avatars and handles to share controversial, unpopular, thought-provoking ideas and opinions. These places were moderated by more responsible adults to fend off flamewars and prevent the topic from going offroad.

Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts

Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts

With Facebook exploding into existence and evolving rapidly in just a couple of years, it’s not easy for…Read more

These days, we prefer places like Facebook which is full of interesting characters, friends and family members all coming together in a platform where people can argue, fight, troll, share and discuss everything under the sun – minus the presence of moderators.

However, since one man’s meat is another man’s poison, there are bound to be disagreements that would prevent otherwise good and calm discussions. Which is why we all need to have a thoughtful discussion about Facebook netiquette.

1. Post insightful updates

You can’t expect good discussions to come to you. However what you can do is to provide soil for good discussion to flourish. If you just post silly things all day, every day, you shouldn’t be surprised if people treat you like you can not keep up a mature conversation.

Start with talking about what you like or didn’t like about that new movie you saw. Give your opinion on the latest news and ask people for theirs. Soon enough, you’ll have interesting conversations in no time.

2. Be open to new ideas and opinions

A discussion is a two-way street, an exchange of ideas and thoughts. Ideally, you learn new things and insights,

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Plan a Journey to Any Metropolis With Fb’s “Metropolis Guides”

places to go

Avid travellers could soon rely on Facebook to help them plan their trips as it appears that the social network service is currently rolling out a feature called “City Guides” to the masses.

Travel cheap with ride-sharing services using Google Maps

Travel cheap with ride-sharing services using Google Maps

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If you’re one of the early ones who’ve managed to gain access to the feature, you’ll be able to find the City Guides feature through the Facebook app’s “More” menu. Through this feature, you’ll be able to select a city and gain some information about the city itself, on top of a list of friends that have visited the city you’re looking at.

places to go

The biggest selling point that City Guides has lies in its “Suggestions” tab. From this tab, Facebook will compile a list of locations, ranging from restaurants to tourist attractions, that are popular there. Besides locations, Facebook will also list down any upcoming activities that will be held in the city as well.

popular attractionpopular attraction

If any of these locations or activities strike your fancy, Facebook has included a bookmark icon that lets you save these locations and/or activities into a simple list.

save locationsave location

Handy though the feature may be, do note that City Guides appears to be focused on international cities at the moment. As such, the feature may prove useless if you’re planning to visit places that are located outside

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Fb Makes its Privateness Settings Simpler to Grasp With “Privateness Fundamentals”

manage privacy

Ensuring that your Facebook account is only accessible to people you know can be an overwhelming experience as the social network service has a privacy setting menu that is rather extensive.

5 Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Know

5 Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Know

In the midst of all the fun connecting with family and friends via apps, walls, and photo albums…Read more

In an attempt to make these crucial security settings more accessible to everyone, Facebook has launched a new “Privacy Basics” page that breaks down all parts of Facebook’s privacy settings into bite-sized chunks.

Designed with the less tech-savvy in mind, Facebook’s new Privacy Basics is an interactive manual that highlights the service’s many tools that help you protect your privacy. The walkthrough is split into four separate categories, with each category having subsections of their own.

manage privacy

Clicking on a subsection will open up a guide that gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of that particular feature in the form of slides. On top of the helpful guides, Privacy Basics also comes with a Privacy Checkup feature. This feature functions as a checklist of sorts that lets you make sure that only authorized people are able to view your account.

preview of view aspreview of view as
privacy check upprivacy check up

Besides making sure that the information on the page is presented in a simple and straightforward fashion, Facebook has also made the Privacy Basics page available in 44 different languages. This allows non-native English speakers to learn about Facebook’s privacy settings

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