Balsem Merchandise Will Look Nice within the Rest room

Edith Morin designed the packaging for Balsem, a line of bathroom products. The design is simple yet elegant. Other products feature interesting textures that differentiate the product line.

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Prime 20 Ideas and Tips for WooCommerce

Top 20 Tips and Tricks for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is rapidly growing an eCommerce solution provider for the extensive collection of plugins it offers. It is facilitating small to medium as well as large enterprises to go live and promote the products to a concerned community.

Being powered by WordPress is the among the core reasons that makes WooCommerce a priority for setting up online stores. Whether you are a beginner or have secured the basics of running an eCommerce website, using WooCommerce is not difficult anymore.

The easy plugin installation, free themes, and endless customization tutorials are removing the hurdles of managing a website for all. Following are some of the tips that may help you refine your knowledge and expertise in WooCommerce.

1. Add brands to your website

Brands are established over a long period of time so much that it no more needs advertisements. Adding brands to your website means getting an instant increase in your revenues. The users are well aware of the price, quality and features, so they blindly place orders.

Additionally, you can allow the users of your WooCommerce website to search products by brands they know and trust. It can also boost your sales because users will skip mass selection by browsing the brands only. You can easily do so with tools like WooCommerce brands plugin to endorse brand logos and categorize products according to its manufacturers.

2. Ensure the security of your website

Security of an online store is the top priority. Every day, hundreds of viruses and malware affect the websites. A minor security flaw can ruin the entire effort of owning an expensive hosting plan, setting up an entire website, and customizing for business specific needs. Install the SSL certificates and security plugins to stay safe.

3. Frequently backup your data

Along with other eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce

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These Poop Luggage Will Make Strolling Your Canine a Lot Simpler

Dog owners know that walking their pets aren’t always fun and games. Sometimes there’s poop involved, and said poop doesn’t just clean itself. That’s why there’s Earth Rated, a dog lifestyle brand that creates dog waste management products. Their most popular products are their poop bags which are convenient and ready-to-go.

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These Blackberry Merchandise Come With Surreal Illustrations

Luminous Design Group has created the packaging for the next line of products for the Corphes brand which now includes a delicious blackberry juice and jam. These products feature surreal line-work illustrations that bring a funky and contemporary feel.

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Infusium Will get a Refined Look

Beardwood&Co created the sophisticated new look for Infusium hair care products. The design features unique shaped bottles and modern typography that make these hair products stand out amongst the shelves.

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Mushroom-Infused Merchandise By no means Appeared so Elegant

You may not love mushrooms, but their many health benefits might just sway you to try Loom‘s line of products. Pusher Studio was tasked with designing Loom, giving mushrooms a good name and allowing consumers to focus on the medicinal benefits as well as the wonderful flavor of their products. The packaging is simple and modern, having a bit of an artisanal feel while still…

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Fb Extends Dynamic Advertisements Concentrating on to Customers’ Net Exercise

Facebook extended the targeting capabilities of its dynamic ads to users’ web activity.

Director of product marketing Maz Sharafi spoke with Lauren Johnson of SocialTimes parent Adweek about the new targeting option, saying that advertisers previously were only able to target users who specifically viewed products on their websites or mobile applications.

Sharafi said as an example that the new targeting option now allows advertisers to retarget users who have been searching for red dresses across multiple retailers’ sites and who like posts and pages related to dresses, and he told Johnson:

The top feedback and most common type of feedback that we hear is, “Hey, can you help me drive sales beyond people visiting my website and app, including new customers?” What we can now do is say, “Who else is potentially in-market for these products?”

It automates the process of who it can show products to—it takes out a lot of the trial and error and complexity of being able to do this in a manual way. For example, to sell 1,000 products, you have to create almost 1,000 different ads to reach those products to different people. With dynamic ads, you’re effectively creating one.

Online furniture retailer Wayfair has been testing the ability to target dynamic ads based on users’ web activity, and director of marketing Jessica Jacobs told Johnson:

We can automatically reach a huge audience with personalized recommendations from our catalog of more than 7 million products. With dynamic ads, we are beating our customer acquisition efficiency target by more than 20 percent at a scale that is meaningful to our business.

Advertisers: What are your thoughts on this new targeting option?

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Add Merchandise to Fb Dynamic Advertisements by way of URL


Brands using Facebook’s dynamic ads can now add product images via URL, rather than solely via product catalogs on the social network.

Reader Chris Ruberg, digital marketing specialist at OneCommand, shared the screenshot below with SocialTimes.

Advertisers: What have your experiences with dynamic ads been like?

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Full Forehead

Are your eyebrows on fleek? If not, Full Brow will take you there with their new line of products for makeup gurus everywhere. Designed by Susu Studio, colorful packaging dresses brow powders and pencils, with the brand’s logo written in gold foil. The abstract design helps the products stand out from a crowd as well as add a playful element to the brand representing the freedom of…

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RedMart Grocery store Personal Label

Food for the pantry and the home goods you need, all in one place online. RedMart is a one-stop-shop supermarket that sells foods like rice and olive oil as well as laundry detergent, hand soap, and cleaners. To communicate their ability to deliver happiness through their products, Love Mondays (Branding) was tasked with designing their range of private label products.

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