Mushroom-Infused Merchandise By no means Appeared so Elegant

You may not love mushrooms, but their many health benefits might just sway you to try Loom‘s line of products. Pusher Studio was tasked with designing Loom, giving mushrooms a good name and allowing consumers to focus on the medicinal benefits as well as the wonderful flavor of their products. The packaging is simple and modern, having a bit of an artisanal feel while still…

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Fb Extends Dynamic Advertisements Concentrating on to Customers’ Net Exercise

Facebook extended the targeting capabilities of its dynamic ads to users’ web activity.

Director of product marketing Maz Sharafi spoke with Lauren Johnson of SocialTimes parent Adweek about the new targeting option, saying that advertisers previously were only able to target users who specifically viewed products on their websites or mobile applications.

Sharafi said as an example that the new targeting option now allows advertisers to retarget users who have been searching for red dresses across multiple retailers’ sites and who like posts and pages related to dresses, and he told Johnson:

The top feedback and most common type of feedback that we hear is, “Hey, can you help me drive sales beyond people visiting my website and app, including new customers?” What we can now do is say, “Who else is potentially in-market for these products?”

It automates the process of who it can show products to—it takes out a lot of the trial and error and complexity of being able to do this in a manual way. For example, to sell 1,000 products, you have to create almost 1,000 different ads to reach those products to different people. With dynamic ads, you’re effectively creating one.

Online furniture retailer Wayfair has been testing the ability to target dynamic ads based on users’ web activity, and director of marketing Jessica Jacobs told Johnson:

We can automatically reach a huge audience with personalized recommendations from our catalog of more than 7 million products. With dynamic ads, we are beating our customer acquisition efficiency target by more than 20 percent at a scale that is meaningful to our business.

Advertisers: What are your thoughts on this new targeting option?

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Add Merchandise to Fb Dynamic Advertisements by way of URL


Brands using Facebook’s dynamic ads can now add product images via URL, rather than solely via product catalogs on the social network.

Reader Chris Ruberg, digital marketing specialist at OneCommand, shared the screenshot below with SocialTimes.

Advertisers: What have your experiences with dynamic ads been like?

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Full Forehead

Are your eyebrows on fleek? If not, Full Brow will take you there with their new line of products for makeup gurus everywhere. Designed by Susu Studio, colorful packaging dresses brow powders and pencils, with the brand’s logo written in gold foil. The abstract design helps the products stand out from a crowd as well as add a playful element to the brand representing the freedom of…

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RedMart Grocery store Personal Label

Food for the pantry and the home goods you need, all in one place online. RedMart is a one-stop-shop supermarket that sells foods like rice and olive oil as well as laundry detergent, hand soap, and cleaners. To communicate their ability to deliver happiness through their products, Love Mondays (Branding) was tasked with designing their range of private label products.

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The Good Hippie: Artisan Skincare and Magnificence

The Good Hippie makes small-batch, natural, and artisanal beauty products, made lovingly in Austin, Texas. They make a daily bath and skincare ritual more indulgent for anyone, and Lauren Cooke Design was tasked with rebranding and designing the packaging for their line of products.

“For The Good Hippie’s re-branding, Bri wanted to integrate real artwork into her…

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BacAttack Cleansing Vary

Goodbye dirt and grime, and hello BacAttack. This range of cleaning products like toilet bowl and floor cleaners was created to make cleaning up big messes, stains, and other muck an easy task. Love Mondays (Branding) developed the branding and packaging to encourage consumers and let them know a clean home is simple to attain with their products.

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Yard Skincare

It’s quite impressive when a skincare company can make you feel beautiful before you even use one of their products. Aldershots Design Studio developed the packaging for Yard Skincare, an effortlessly lovely and feminine line of deluxe beauty products.

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How Product Packaging Helps Market Your Model on Social Media


Smart marketers put a lot of time, energy and budget into carefully controlling how their products are visually presented to consumers. Designers, for instance, labor endlessly over any changes to product packaging and the product itself, focus-grouping even the tiniest of tweaks. And ad production can involve sprawling teams of directors, photographers, lighting experts, stylists and prop designers who all labor to put the product in the best possible light.

But what happens when your product is seen in the real world, far from the best possible light? Specifically, muddy indoor light—average household light—and in an authentic context lacking the awesome perfectionism and state-of-the-art equipment deployed by pros?

Does your product still pop? Does it stand out? Does it still seem special?

As visually driven social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr continue to grow, one thing is certain: Consumers, rather than marketers, are increasingly at the forefront of the visual presentation and dissemination of product images.

To give you a sense of just how prolific consumer-photographers have become, consider the fact that Canon, in its recently released 2016 Photography Trends Study, revealed that nearly one in four consumers (24 percent) are taking up to 300 photos per month.

Consumers are creating and sharing images of everything, constantly, which means that your brand is likely taking on a visual/social life of its own.

Until recently, to get a sense of how their brands appear in the real world, marketers had to use traditional social media listening tools to attempt to pick up on text mentions—captions and hashtags—referencing their products that might appear alongside consumer photos of those products on Instagram, et al.

But over the past several years, image-recognition technology has been growing in power and sophistication, and now marketers can easily find and analyze consumer images of

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Oi – Natural Initiative

Organic Initiative’s mission is to provide sanitary products that are good for women and good for the world. For far too long, women have struggled to find an alternative to using intimate products made from harmful chemicals and toxins. Oi approached Cato Brand Partners with the challenge to ‘tear down the pillars of power’, and educate the marketplace away from conventional…

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