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Tips on how to Turn into a Higher Author: 10 Steps (Good to Nice)

15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts
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    18+ Professional Business Project Proposal Templates for 2018
    Laura Spencer

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    you can see, a professional template can pull together your writing assignment
    and give it an attractive, cohesive look. Fortunately, there are many high-quality
    templates available. For example, you’ll find hundreds of high-quality proposal
    templates available at

    Does your job require you to send regular emails, project
    reports, proposals or other long written communications? If so, you’re not
    alone. Writing is a huge part of many jobs. In fact, according the National
    Association of Colleges and Employers, 8 out of 10 employers surveyed look
    for written communication skills
    on candidate resumes.

    writing skills can make you seem more credible. More importantly, learning how
    to become a better writer can help you to be more effective at your job.

    Learning how to write better can add to your credibility and help your career. (Image Source)

    if you’re not a professional writer, you can learn how to write better. In this
    article, we provide ten steps on how to become a better writer–no matter what
    your job.

    1. Stay Calm

    many non-writers, the request to write something may seem overwhelming. You may
    even have flashbacks to school writing assignments. If you didn’t enjoy those school
    assignments, you might even feel a bit of dread at the prospect of having to
    write something for your job.

    if you’re organized, you can write a professional document when asked. Most
    people don’t like writing because they don’t understand how to do it well. But
    panic won’t help you complete your writing assignment.

    There are ways to become a better writer. Like
    any other work-related task, good writing follows a process. In this article,
    I’m going to share that process with you. So, whether you’re assigned to write
    a report, a memo, a letter, or even just a long email–you can handle it. Just
    follow these easy steps to becoming a better writer.

    Step 2. Identify the Purpose of Your Writing Project

    you can start writing, you need to know why you’ve been assigned to write
    something. In other words, what is the purpose of your writing? To discover the
    purpose for your writing project, ask this question: what is this for?

    Here are some of the most

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    New and increasing places throughout America

    Google offices and data centers 2018

    Our goal is to ensure that information serves everyone, not just a few. To do this, we want to hire people to develop our products in the widest possible range of locations, around the world and throughout the United States.

    We opened our first office outside California in 2000. Now Google has offices and data centers in 21 states in the U.S, and last year we grew faster outside the Bay Area than in it. This year we plan on hiring thousands more people. To support that growth, today we’re announcing new or expanded offices and data centers in 14 states across the country.

    This afternoon, I was at the groundbreaking for our new data center in Clarksville/Montgomery County in Tennessee. The Tennessee data center is part of a $2.5 billion dollar investment we’re making to open or expand data centers in Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia and Oklahoma. These data centers are what make Google services run for you or your business (in Tennessee alone, we answer millions of searches a day, and about 18,000 businesses and nonprofits use our search and advertising tools).

    • TN2.jpg
    • TN3.jpg
    • TN1.jpg

    And our data centers also have a strong impact on the economies around them. People often discuss “the cloud” as if it’s built out of air. But it’s actually made up of buildings, machinery, and people who construct and manage it all. Today we employ an estimated 1,900 people directly on our data center campuses. We’ve created thousands of construction jobs—both for our data centers themselves, and for renewable energy generation. And our renewable energy purchasing commitments to date will result in energy infrastructure investments of more than $3.5 billion globally, about two-thirds of that in the United States.

    In addition to these

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    5 Indicators Your Enterprise Wants a Native search engine optimization Skilled

    The marketing world used to be a much simpler place, where audiences were far more receptive to a brand’s message.

    And then the internet came along.

    For better or worse, the web has fundamentally disrupted the business world. Now, businesses have to somehow operate their business, generate leads, and master marketing all at the same time.

    If it sounds impossible, that’s because…well, it is. Fortunately, there are tons of great companies out there looking to help businesses like yours.

    Here are five signs that it’s time to contact a local SEO expert.

    1) Your Website is Out of Date

    Nobody likes an ugly website. And yet, so many business owners make the mistake of thinking that their customers don’t care.

    On the contrary, your website is your most important marketing tool. It’s how you’ll make a great first impression on future clients.

    SEO services through a local SEO expert can get your website looking great. Whether you need a fresh coat of a paint or a new site built from the ground-up, SEO experts also tend to be website wizards.

    2) Your Digital Presence is Ineffective

    On the other hand, there’s a chance that you think you’ve done everything right.

    Maybe you have a website, tons of social channels, and even a My Business page.

    But you still may not get the results you’re after.

    As they say, showing up is half the battle. The other half, however, is using your digital tools to your benefit.

    A local SEO expert can help you learn to maximize your web presence and leverage your brand for a whole new audience.

    3) You Don’t Have a Target Audience

    That header is perhaps a bit disingenuous.

    Every brand technically has a target audience. Some businesses just do a better job of defining who their ideal customer

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    Methods to All the time Depart Work on Time Each Day (No Matter What)

    15 Best IFTTT Recipes for Productive Business Automation
    Harry Guinness

    4. Refocus

    your alarm to ring every 90 minutes. When it does, stand up and take a deep
    cleansing breath, or walk around the office for a few minutes to clear your
    head. Do this for three to five minutes.

    this time to evaluate how you’ve been doing your work so far. Did you spend the
    last hour productively, or did an email from your boss distract you? Either
    way, use this short break to mentally re-calibrate your to-do list and commit to
    focus on what you’re going to do during the next 90 minutes.

    from work every 90 minutes isn’t a waste of time. Done properly, this quick five-minute break will prevent you from
    daydreaming or spacing out, which sometimes happen even if you’re working on
    something. It can also help you take a step back and focus on what’s important
    after you got distracted.

    5. Just Start

    started is the hardest thing to do, but when you do, it gets easier from there.
    Stanford University Researcher

    Are you regularly staying late at the office? You might think it’s the productive, and career-advancing thing to do. But in reality, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life to be a productive employee.

    Gallup’s 2014 survey
    of more than 1000 U.S. employees revealed that 4 in 10 of them worked more than
    50 hours a week. Lots of employees also answer emails and calls after hours.

    If it seems like you’re always at work, statistics show you’re not alone. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

    But busyness doesn’t always equal to productivity. In fact,
    The Economist’s study
    of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries
    revealed that countries that put in more hours at work are less productive.

    While flexible work schedules and location-independent jobs
    allowed more employees to control where and when they worked, it’s the same
    flexibility that stops many employees from disconnecting or logging off at

    Unchecked, this always-connected attitude chips at the time you need for
    activities that feed your physical and mental being. Social gatherings,
    exercise, your personal me-time, and even the time you need to take care of
    your family and run errands are often, though not intentionally, pushed aside because it’s hard for many of us to quit
    work on time.

    In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to always leave the office on time and still get your job done. Leaving work on time makes time for those important personal tasks.

    The Mindset and Habits of a Well-Balanced Employee

    This guide will show you how you can accomplish more with
    less, and why working 40+ hours a week isn’t going to increase your

    Reading this will also help you develop the right mindset
    about the hours you work, and how that relates to your productivity and
    well-being. With practice, you’ll no longer feel pressured to take work at
    home with you or feel guilty

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    Hiya world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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