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Classic Fashion Summer time Designs for Entry All Areas Members


Access All Areas members have a great collection of summer themed vector artwork to download today, courtesy of Freepik. These colourful designs are made in a hand-crafted watercolour style and feature a range of beach related elements such as palm trees, sunshine, starfish, sunglasses, fruit and boats. They’re brilliant graphics that are really useful for quickly creating beautiful greetings card, t-shirts, posters and more.

Freepik is home to over 1.4 million free graphic files, including everything from vectors and PSD files to Stock photos and Icons. All the resources are designed by Freepik themselves, so you’ll find loads of exclusive items that just aren’t available anywhere else!

Find out more about Freepik

Vintage Summer Designs for Premium Members

This collection of vintage style summer designs contains 5 ready made graphics in AI, EPS and JPG format. Being 100% vector means the graphics can also be scaled up and down without losing the crisp quality.

Download this file

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12 Lovable Free Inventory Pictures of Puppies

white puppy

It’s time for some more free stock photos! Today we have a great collection of puppy photos. Each one is attributed with a download link. All are under creative commons so feel free to use!

These photos are sure to brighten your day as only a pup can. Make sure to let us know in the comment section what one you think is the cutest! I’m going to vote for number nine.

1. White puppy

Young and cute white retriever. This photo comes on a white background making it easy to crop out.

You can download this photo on

2. Maltese

maltese in the basket

This is a photo of two white puppies in the basket. There is a nice wood background giving it a homey feel.

You can download this photo on

3. Little fur cutie

fur cutie

This is a photo of grey puppy. I think it’s ugly, but you be the judge.

You can download this photo on

4. Friendly pup

friendly pup in the grass

Beautiful, friendly pup whit green eyes. Peeking out from behind the tall grass.

You can download this photo on

5. Urban dog

urban white puppy

This is a photo of a white puppy whi is sitting in owner`s lap. She is wearing a funny little jacket.

You can download this photo on

6. My name is Fluffy

<img src="×390.jpg" alt="beautiful baby pet"

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#teampixel, distinctive in each method.


There is no theme for this week’s #teampixel feature, instead, the common thread binding them together is that each photo is unique. We’re continually impressed by our community’s work that transports us to faraway lands and different civilizations, allowing us to see the world through someone else’s eyes. So this week, let’s celebrate their diversity, and how together…we are better.

Show #teampixel some love by visiting the feed and like their photos. Who knows — you might even make a new connection. šŸ˜‰

Left: A Pacific Northwest at Crescent Lake by Right: Cathedral Caves in New Zealand by @mathuraaa.

Meet the sixth graders who constructed a potable water dispenser

These sixth graders built a dispenser to make drinking water accessible.

Schools in Latin America and around the world are searching for ways to take student impact beyond the classroom. In Mexico, we wanted to explore how teachers and students are using technology to empower a rising generation of innovative changemakersā€”and this week, we’re sharing some of the stories we found. Tune into the hashtag #innovarparami to see how education leaders in Latin America are thinking about innovation.

For Enrique Cordero, a GEG (Google Educator Groups) teacher and IT administrator, the only thing better than teaching students is the opportunity to learn from them. He believes that children are innate inventors; educators should help students preserve their natural propensity to imagineā€”and createā€”the world as it isn’t yet.

So he designed a course at the American School of Puebla called ā€œSolving the World’s Problems,ā€ where he asks kids to identify the issues that they see as pressing and challenges them to think up solutions. Field research plays a central role in the course, and during a field trip to a community near the school one day, students heard first-hand accounts about the difficulties that communities face when they lack access to potable water.

The field trip inspired Paco and Rodrigo, two of Enrique’s sixth graders, to invent something that could make drinking water accessible to all. They sketched a prototype on

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Easy methods to Record Your Schooling on a Resume (+Greatest Format Examples)

List education on your resume

For many applicants, the education section is the easiest
part to write on their resume. They just list their alma mater’s name, degree,
and graduation date. Simple.

It’s not always that simple though. For instance, what do
you write if you switched school three times before completing your bachelors?
How do you list your college education if you’re still completing your thesis? What if you dropped out of an MBA?

How will you list your education on your resume? (graphic source)

This tutorial answers those questions, and everything else
related to listing education on a resume.

First, let’s start with the basics:

Writing the Education Section of a Resume (5 Key Tips)

Here are the common guidelines to follow when listing
education on a resume:

  1. Always include the following information: the degree you
    received, your major, the name of your school, its location, and your
    graduation year.
  2. Start with your highest educational attainment.
  3. List all other degrees in reverse-chronological order.
  4. Delete high-school education if you already graduated
    from college.
  5. Remove your graduation date if you earned it more than
    five years ago.

Of course, these guidelines don’t apply to all situations. I’ll
discuss all of these in more detail in the succeeding sections:

Where to Put Education on Your Resume

If You’re In High School

List your education at the top one third of your resume,
just below your skills summary. Let your education do the heavy lifting for
now, even if you already have a bit of work experience.

If You’re In College Or Just Graduated

At this stage, you probably have more credentials related to
your target job as a student, than as a working professional.

So if you haven’t had a job, project, or volunteer work
related to the position you’re applying for, put education before work
experience on your resume.

You might argue that it’s better to list the odd and
part-time jobs you did first. Maybe you think these job entries show that
you’re employable and at

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