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Getting ready Instruction Guides utilizing Movavi Video Seize

Preparing Instruction Guides using Movavi Video Capture

Preparing the instruction guides using the Movavi Video Capture software is similar to that of creating the tutorials.

It is easy process to create the instruction guide using the software. You can either choose to create using the screen capture method or your own video to make it personally appealing to the viewers.

Please click on here to see how to create the instructional videos.

In screen capture mode, you just need to open the screen for which you want to create the instruction guides. Then open the Movavi video Capture and click on record video. It will start capturing the screen. You can add sound using the microphone which is attached to the computer. Once you finished capturing the video, you can use the stop button to end the video. It will be saved automatically in the system. It is very easy to use in the sense that one does not need to have in depth technical knowledge to prepare the instructional guide using this software.

Once you have done with the video, you can later use the video editor feature to edit the feature of video. You can use this feature to enhance the video quality such as brightness, contrast or to add special effects. If you feel the video is very lengthy you can cut the video in to small video clips so that views can watch it easily. Other options include trimming the video to specified length. It also allows users to edit the sound. With this option users can add in the back ground music to go with the instructional guides or they can add their own voiceover. With these excellent and easy to options, it is going to be the preferred software to prepare the instructional guides and to capture the screen.

While creating and editing

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Responsive Pictures Made Straightforward with ResponsifyJS

Responsify appResponsify app

The modern web should be 100% responsive and newer libraries are making this increasingly possible.

With free plugins, such as ResponsifyJS, it’s even easier to get your websites working on all devices. This free jQuery plugin takes a container of images and dynamically rearranges them based on varying screen sizes.

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Since different containers hold images differently, they can resize in very strange ways. Sometimes, you’ll have photos of people and their faces can get cut off when resized on mobile.

The Responsify plugin was created to solve this exact problem. It can work automatically but the true magic lies in defining your own focus area on the picture.

It uses an internal system of decimal descriptions to find where the focus of the image should be. For example, you can define positions such as data-focus-top which “blocks in” a certain segment of the image.

This data needs to be passed in the form of decimals, for instance a .5 decimal targets 50% of the image (left/right or top/bottom). Naturally, this is pretty confusing to do by yourself. But, there’s a free Responsify app that lets you calculate the positions dynamically in your browser.

Just upload a picture, define the focus area, then copy/paste the image code into your website. The Responsify plugin will have all the data it needs to properly resize the image on smaller screens.

You can find quite a few live demo links in the GitHub repo, including code snippets to

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Generate Social Meta Tags Simply with This App

Mega Tags web appMega Tags web app

The largest social media sites have practically taken over the world, with Facebook currently pushing towards 2 billion users worldwide.

One of their many advancements in technology is the Open Graph or OG protocol. These OG tags have become the norm on other social networks such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, so having them on your site can be tremendously beneficial.

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And now, with the Mega Tags web app, the entire process can be automated, without writing a single line of code.

By default, there are two different “types” of social meta tags: Open Graph covers most networks but Twitter has their own called Twitter Cards.

These extra tags share information with social networks, so you can customize how your links appear when shared on these sites.

Networks, such as Facebook, have their own algorithms for pulling a page’s title, description, and thumbnail. This is useful when people share links on FB and other social networks.

With these meta tags in your header, you can tell Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and others exactly how to display your content.

Some websites might even have a Facebook page which can be included in the Open Graph content. This offers even more control where Facebook can pick & choose which data they want to present.

This free web app can do it all for you by default. Just enter your page URL, the title/description, and include a thumbnail image if needed. You might also dig into the optional settings if you want.

Meta OG code generator

From there, you can copy/paste the meta tags into your header and voila! A fully compatible Open Graph page ready for sharing.

The site even has validators with which you

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How you can Plan an Efficient Small Enterprise Progress Technique

Are you ready to plan your small business growth strategy

Running a small business can be an
all-consuming task. But just because you have a to-do list that’s longer than War and Peace, it doesn’t mean you can
afford to skip the important step of creating a growth strategy.

If you think you don’t have time to create
a small business growth strategy, consider this: A few hours of strategic
planning now could save you hundreds of hours of wasted time in the months and
years to come.

It could get you focused on the right things, and it could help your business to grow much more
quickly and generate more profits, so that you can hire people to help you with
that to-do list instead of slowly drowning under it by yourself.

Are you ready to plan your small business growth strategy? (graphic source)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly what
a small business growth strategy is, why it’s important to have one, and how
you can go about creating one. You’ll learn about some of the different paths
to growth and how you can decide which one is right for your business.

1. What Is a Small Business Growth Strategy?

First of all, let’s get clear about what
we’re talking about here. A small business growth strategy is simply a plan
that outlines how your company can get from where it is today to where you want
it to be.

Does that sound like a regular business
plan? There are certainly some similarities. But, as I wrote in my tutorial
on business plans
, there are lots of different components to a business plan,
such as financial plans, organizational structures, competitive analysis, and

A business plan tends to have a broader focus, and often it’s intended at least partly
for an external audience such as a bank or investor, so you need to spend time
describing your company and what it does.

Your growth strategy, on the other hand, is

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Convert Your Doodles into Horrific Pictures with Pix2Pix

combine doodles and picture

What do you get when you blend man-made doodles and machine learning together? Well, the Dutch broadcaster NPO has an answer to that, something called Pix2Pix, a little web application that turns your doodles into rather terrifying images using the machine learning technology.

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Created using Google’s open-source machine learning platform called Tensorflow, Pix2Pix uses a system called generative adversarial network (GAN) to create a proper image out of the submitted doodle. To facilitate the creation of the image, NPO has fed the artificial intelligence system with thousands of images of Lara Rense, an anchor that works for NPO.

combine doodles and picture

The end result of this little experiment is a web application that attempts to create a picture out of doodle by using bits and pieces of the images that has been fed to it. According to the demo image that greets the user when the first enter Pix2Pix, the system is capable of generating a rather decent picture of a human face.

However, if your doodling skills aren’t great, the end result tends to be rather terrifying.

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