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Ideas On How To Make Your Weblog Extra Cellular Pleasant

Tips On How To Make Your Blog More Mobile Friendly

Google recently announced that they will be using mobile friendly algorithm update to check if all blogs are mobile-friendly, and will penalize those who are not. Which left many bloggers wondering, how to make their websites more mobile friendly and how to even know if your blog is mobile friendly or not. Which is why we put together the most vital information about why making your blog more mobile-friendly is so important and how to actually do it.

Nowadays, a large chunk of any blog visitors are using their mobile devices instead of computers to do so. And since Google has vowed to boost the rankings of the sites, that are suitable to view on mobile devices, it is more important than ever to make sure your blog or website is friendly to mobile devices.

Of course, it is not only about what Google wants. Making your blog mobile friendly is also in your and your readers best interests, because, since so many people use their mobile devices to surf the internet, it will make the reading of your blog more convenient for them. According to the Pew Internet Project’s research, more than a third of all cell phone owners use their phone more than their desktop or laptop to access internet. So if you want your blog to be easily viewed on any smartphone as well as boost the readership for your blog, mobile friendliness is something you need to think about. And it actually is easier achieved than one might think.

Testing for Mobile Friendliness

As Google came up with this mobile friendly algorithm, they also made it possible for everyone to test their blogs and websites for this metric using their mobile friendly testing tool. Just enter the URL of your blog into the “Enter URL to test” box, click “Run

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The making of “Pearl”


Spotlight Stories’ “Pearl” follows a father and daughter as they travel the country in their beloved hatchback, chasing their dreams. Created and produced as an interactive VR experience, a 360 video, and a theatrical short film, “Pearl” premiered last summer at the TriBeCa film festival, and is nominated this year for an Oscar for best animated short film.

With the Oscars just a few days away, we asked Director Patrick Osborne, Producer David Eisenmann, Music and Sound Creative Director Scot Stafford, and Technical Art Lead Cassidy Curtis to reflect on the journey of “Pearl.” You can watch “Pearl” on the YouTube app, on Daydream through the YouTube VR app, on the Google Spotlight Stories app for iOS and Android, or on HTC Vive.

Patrick Osborne, Director

My father is an artist and has worked as a toy designer. He loved to draw. He sacrificed a lot, as most parents do, in order to provide the best life for me and my brothers. One of those sacrifices was choosing family over career. “Pearl” was inspired by our relationship. Parents give us much more than material things—they give us taste, passion, their time. The time I spent drawing with my dad as a kid set up a foundation for the career I have today.

I think of “Pearl” as a folk-roadtrip-VR-musical. In 360 and VR, you’re creating a film without the constraint of borders, edges or a frame or control over timing. That means the story is happening all around you, and the audience is free to look anywhere at any time. As a director, giving that control

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50 Free Climate Icon Units to Obtain


Weather icons can be very useful for weather forecast sites, making articles about weather, presenting weather conditions on news and TV, and creating weather mobile applications and widgets. If you’re looking for creative and free icons sets to symbolize various weather scenarios, then seek no more.

20 Free Icon Sets For Minimalistic Designs

20 Free Icon Sets For Minimalistic Designs

These days minimalistic design is popular in all areas of our lives: in package design, interior design and,…Read more

In this showcase you’ll find a great collection of beautiful and free weather icons to display any weather conditions on your site or app. The collection below includes cloudy, sunny, stormy, snowy, misty and more weather icons.


Format: EPS, PNG, PSD, SVG [Download]

Weather icons created for you

Format: PSD, AI [Download]

Weather icon font

Format: OTF [Download]

Icon set (144)

Format: AI [Download]

Weather icons

Format: PSD [Download]

61 outlined weather icons collection

Format: AI [Download]

Weather icons

Format: PSD [Download]

15 colored weather icons

Format: AI, SVG [Download]

Weather icons

Format: PSD [Download]

<img src=""

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6 Important Questions on the Strategy to Your Web site

Eager to create your first website? Are you sure that you need one? If your answer is yes, don’t spontaneously go with WebCheap Supplier Ltd. with a full hosting for 0.99 bucks a month, but instead, read the following article first.

What do You Want to Accomplish?

Why do you want to create a website? Because everyone has one? Because you can? All of these would be pretty weak reasons, and I’m going to assume that you have a better motivation.

Do you want to run a blog that is supposed to cover a certain niche, or do you plan on selling your products over the internet? Whatever it may be, define it clearly, and focus on that goal. Don’t try to cover a little bit of everything just because there’s enough space on the internet and an added function more or less doesn’t cost more money.

No matter what your aim is, the website is the communication means to reach that goal. You know this from the archetype of all communication, the dialogue. It needs a clear structure as well, shouldn’t drift off to the left or right, and it is the most successful when it strictly follows the golden thread laid out by the goal of the dialogue.

You should build your website like this as well. Don’t let it fray out, get out of hand, or drift off into vagueness. Don’t use more words than needed, and place clear calls to action (CTA).

Who do You Want to Reach?

Who’s your target group? You probably thought you had already answered this question inside the reply to the previous question. But that would be too simplistic. When it comes to the question who you want to reach, you should take smaller steps, and not just define a more or less vague group such as teenagers

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How Cronitor Made My Developer Life Simpler

How Cronitor Made My Developer Life Easier

‘Time is money,’ as the old saying goes. In our fast-moving world, it underlies the majority of successful stories. The favorable outcome of any business mainly depends on how good you can master this parameter. You should always be on top of your things.

Not only have you to meet all the deadlines but you also ought to provide quick reactions to various situations starting from the minor errors that occur on a website and ending with failures of scripts and programs. Truth be told, there are so many things that need to stay under the radar, it is nearly impossible to handle all this stuff manually.

Though if you are willing to spend your precious time in front of a desktop with a bunch of opened browser tabs and windows, monitoring all the parameters all day long then, of course, this is not about you. Nevertheless, for the majority of us, this plan of action is utterly unacceptable.

So, is there any way to avoid hand-operated actions and enjoy all the benefits of the technologies that first and foremost imply automation?

As it turns out, yes there is. The users of Unix-like operating systems are familiar with this solution that is a standard command in their beloved OS. Its primary task is to schedule directives to run at specific intervals and dates.

Taking this utility as a basis, the talented team from the Berkeley has succeeded in creating a cron job monitoring online service called Cronitor and making it available to the masses.

It is a lifesaver for all those who are accustomed to dealing with numerous threads of tasks. In a nutshell, it will help to prevent unwanted surprises, stay within your budget, get some extra time and instil confidence that everything is under control.

What is

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