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Designing Album Paintings so the The Grateful Lifeless Lives On

Tie dye, dancing bears, a skeletal jester—these are just a few of the things that come to mind when you think of the Grateful Dead. But Jose Fresneda and Justin Colt at The Collected Works wanted the Day of the Dead, a special tribute to the Grateful Dead, to go beyond that. We spoke with Colt at The Collected Works about combining old and new elements into a design, how…

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This Gallery of Pure CSS Icons is What All Frontend Builders Need

css icons

Adobe designer Wenting Zhang created an interesting web app for generating pure CSS icons. It’s simply named “CSS Icon” and it may be one of the coolest icon generators for frontend developers.

This project is completely free and open-sourced on GitHub so you’re free to download and mess with any of the codes.

These icons don’t have any CSS dependencies or need any special browser features. At first glance, it may seem like the icons are built on SVGs but they’re actually just divs.

Through the magic of CSS, you can build custom line icons for common interface elements such as the hamburger menu, the three-dot icon or the print icon (among many others).

You can choose between thin line icons or dark filled icons. They both utilize similar CSS properties and you can even see what they are by clicking any icon in the list. You’ll see a sliding sidebar with the HTML and CSS code along with the icon enlarged.

pure css icon gallery

If you look towards the top-right corner of the code fields you’ll see a little copy icon. Click that to automatically copy the code to your clipboard. Oh, and that copy icon? Also built with Wenting’s pure CSS code.

To change the color of any icon, just find the color property in the main icon class. Updating that one color property will change everything else, too.

Since these icons are pretty simple, they probably won’t work for every website. But this is a cool alternative to images or icon fonts and it’s completely free.

Check out the CSS Icon home page to see more examples and to copy/edit the source. You can also test each icon separately in CodePen if you wanna toy around

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What’s your dream undertaking as a designer?

Even if you’re doing work that you enjoy and find really fulfilling, you probably still have a dream project in the back of your mind. Something that would be the ultimate, and not only creatively satisfy you but give you a chance to become a better designer. Something that you’re itching to do, but haven’t had the chance come up quite yet.

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Be Jealous of this VIP Standing Jägermeister Restricted Version Present

This is one of the coolest limited edition gift sets we’ve ever seen. Jones Knowles Ritchie teamed up with MW Luxury Packaging to create 400 gift sets that give recipients a peak at the history of the brand. A wooden box opens up to reveal many different parts, including a pocket watch, a vintage telescope, and a bottle of Jägermeister (of course).


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Supersonic – Voice Messaging App by Google’s Space one hundred twenty

voice input

Not long after releasing the iOS-exclusive video sharing app called Uptime, Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, is back with a brand new app. This time, it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Gboard for iOS’s Latest Update Brings Voice Transcription and More

Gboard for iOS’s Latest Update Brings Voice Transcription and More

iOS Gboard users will no longer need to tap on the keyboard to type out their messages as…Read more

The app in question is called Supersonic, and it is described as a voice messaging app. At first glance, Supersonic appears identical to many other messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

However, the thing that differentiates Supersonic from other messaging app is the lack of a keyboard, opting instead for voice input.

voice input

In order to use Supersonic, the user must hold down the mic button and speak. The app would then transcribe what you’ve said into a text message, complete with emojis. And just in case the transcription makes no sense, Supersonic will also include the original audio message with it, although said audio message will disappear once it’s heard.

original audio mesagesoriginal audio mesages

Much like many other chat services, Supersonic will let you hold one-on-one and group conversations. Unlike other chat services, Supersonic also has a “Lounge” area that users can join. Those who enter the Lounge will makes themselves visible to other people in the area, allowing them to strike up a conversation with complete strangers.

For those interested in Supersonic, the app is free to download from either the App Store or the <a target="_self" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"

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