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Greatest iPhone eight and eight Plus Instances So Far

No matter how much Apple boasts about the durability of the iPhone 8 glass back, it’s still prone to breakage. Your mobile’s screen can be kept safe by applying screen protectors,…

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Fontplop: Free Mac App Turns Net Fonts Into Desktop Fonts

Life can be this easy. Drag your TTF or OTF over to Fontplop, and get a web font bundle consisting of WOFF2, WOFF, TFF, SVG, and EOT in return.

Fontplop is a small app for macOS, available for free on Github. You can download it as source text, but also as a DMG, ready to be installed. The functionality does not require any tutorials.

Once you’ve opened Fontplop, you’ll find a small window on your desktop, asking you to toss fonts you want to convert in there. Click a TrueType font (TTF), and/or an OpenType font (OTF), hold it, drag it over to the mentioned window, and drop it.

Fontplop will get to work right away, creating a folder named font-export in the same location of the original font, in which you’ll find all required web formats.

Fontplop was created by the frontend developer Matthew Gonzalez, and is being distributed under the liberal MIT license. The project can be found on Github. The download is available over at the project site.

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36 Glitch Halftone Textures for Entry All Areas Members

AL's Design Studio & The Dusty Inklab

Access All Areas members have a great set of experimental textures to download this week, courtesy of Aksel Larsen from AL’s Design Studio. These glitch halftone textures feature heavy digital distortion to produce a series of complex images that can be used as interesting backgrounds to your designs, or to apply glitch effects to your artwork. There’s 36 files to choose from, each with a unique appearance. At a size of 4960x7016px with 300ppi resolution they’re incredibly detailed and suitable for even the largest of print design projects.

Aksel Larsen is the freelance designer behind AL’s Design Studio and The Dusty Inklab, two design resources stores where you’ll find a variety of original texture packs and useful tools to help you create worn out and vintage style artwork. Every item has been lovingly made by hand in his Denmark based design studio using real materials to produce original and authentic design tools.

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Glitch Halftone Textures for Members

This pack of glitch textures contains 36 extremely high resolution images in BITMAP TIFF format, which produces a detailed halftone appearance while also giving you the ability to change the colour of the texture directly in Adobe Illustrator. Originally these textures were pictures taken around Aksel’s flat, but special treatment generated heavy distortion until they’re no longer recognisable, resulting in a range of unique assets you can use to create stunning designs.

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Ideas For Selecting Your Flooring Tiles Design

If you’re choosing tiles for your kitchen, office spaces, or bathroom floor (or perhaps the floor in another area), you’ll be thinking about colors and designs and browsing the mind-boggling range in the catalogs. But you’ll find there’s a lot more to consider, too, including size, shape, and durability, not to mention the price. But don’t let all these complications spoil the fun. This simple summary will clarify the options for you.

Colour and pattern

When browsing the color range, remember you’ll be living with whatever you choose, day in and day out, perhaps for many years, so avoid anything too extreme that might get on your nerves over time. Think about the effect you wish to create; do you want a fresh, calm look or a warm one, for instance. Will the color blend with your furniture, fittings, and walls, and will it suit the size of the room. A bright color can be overwhelming in a small room, whereas a pale tone can look insipid in a large area. It may be helpful to buy a few different sample tiles first, to check how they look in the room itself.

Safety and practicality

Consider your practical needs. Some floor tiles are slippery, especially when wet, which might be hazardous in your bathroom, particularly for children and the infirm or elderly. If the tiles are for your kitchen, you might want them to be heat-resistant for hot pans. If the floor tiles are for office spaces, you might want your floor tiles with custom design that improves your workspaces productivities, such as raised floors for cable management and install strong floor panels to support floor tiles. As for thickness, lightweight tiles will be easier for handling and cutting, and possibly a bit cheaper, but thick ones offer more durability for heavy-duty

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10 issues you are able to do together with your new Pixel 2

Pixel 2 Video Stabilization

It’s here! Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL hit shelves today in the U.S. Here’s a few things you can do with your Pixel 2, right out of the box.

1. Transfer your stuff from your old phone in less than 10 minutes—photos, videos, music, contacts, calendar events, apps, messages, and more. Just plug in the the cord and follow the simple instructions on the screen to make the switch. If you need help, there’s a team available 24/7 to talk you through it.

2. Say cheese! Pixel 2 has the highest-rated smartphone camera ever, with a DxOMark Mobile score of 98. Take brilliant photos in any light, and play around with new exposure controls and features like Smartburst, which takes a rapid-fire sequence of shots. Get motion photos with every shot. Pixel 2 also comes with incredible video stabilization, thanks to a combination of both optical and electronic image stabilization.

3. Focus. New portrait mode in the Pixel 2 front and rear cameras gives you crisp, beautiful portraits and selfies with

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