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Make Your Clients Tremendous Proud of UserEngage

Make Your Customers Super Happy with UserEngage

As any owner of a website whose task is to sell goods to people, I’m always in search of tools that will make my e-store a better place for both constant and casual users.

And it is not only a matter of withstanding the tough competition that I suppose everyone in the World of e-commerce is facing these days; it is a matter of making my online audience happier and satisfied by providing them with a place where they not only are able to please themselves by buying some amazing products but also relax and enjoy their pastime while surfing through all sorts of goods that are in stock.

In today’s reality, everything comes down to taking user experience far and beyond and making it more personal and less artificial. It is a rule of thumb: happy clients always buy more than those that are disappointed: the latter as a rule try to get away from this local “agora” as soon as possible and stay out of it no matter what.

Customers First

As the saying goes, make your customers happy and they will certainly return and bring you their friends and colleagues. Sounds like an easy task to do; though as is always a case, it is not. When it comes to faceless Internet, the main problem always lies in the absence of the real interaction with your potential customers.

In the store you can easily predict the next move of the customer: you can compensate some oversights or inadvertencies with your broad smile and a bonus card; push the client by offering him/her a cup of coffee and a “family” discount or just provide them with great personal service that will always win the people.

On the Internet you are deprived of this exclusive and absolutely vital privilege of

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Add React.js Explorer to Chrome with React Developer Instruments

react devtools

Every web developer should already know about the amazing Chrome Developer Tools. This feature is built right into Chrome and it lets developers inspect pages and edit or remove elements right from within the browser.

It’s incredibly powerful and it’s the best way to study page behaviors such as latency, page resources, or to execute console commands.

Getting Started with React.js

Getting Started with React.js

React.js is a flexible and component-based JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces. It was created and open-sourced…Read more

Facebook’s team created the React.js library which abstracts a layer for frontend developers to reuse certain UI elements.

And now, with React Developer Tools you can inspect these element hierarchies and edit them right on the page.

This is a completely free extension and it’s developed by the folks at Facebook so you know it’s good quality.

You can also study the different states and the paths of object trees including which elements are above & below other elements.

In the sidebar, you can browse through props and states which let you study the behavior of other elements in that same tree. This is actually a great plugin for newer React users because it can help them understand more about the library.

Naturally, this also includes any event listeners that might change the state of a certain component. And the breadcrumbs at the bottom let you easily skim through parent/child elements.

This is far from the perfect React tool. But it will make your job a whole lot easier when you’re building dynamic applications from scratch.

It’s completely open-sourced with an official GitHub repo maintained by Facebook & updated frequently.

firefox react devtools

You can install this <a target="_self" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"

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10 Key Benefits of Selling Variety in Your Enterprise

Why promote diversity in your business

Diversity in business
is a hot topic right now. There are diversity awards and diversity surveys, and
governments in many countries have implemented or strengthened diversity and
equality legislation to ensure equal opportunity in the workplace.

But why exactly should you promote diversity
in your own business? To put it bluntly, what’s in it for you?

Plenty, as it turns
out. There’s a growing body of research indicating that businesses with more
diverse workforces perform better on a whole range of measures, from making
more money to being more innovative.

In fact, in this
article, you’ll learn ten key ways in which your business can benefit from
having a more diverse workforce. I’ll go through some and examples to show you
why, beyond just being a “good thing to do”, there’s also a strong business
case for increasing diversity.

Promoting diversity in
your business is easier said than done, and later in this series, we’ll look at
how to do it effectively. But for now, let’s concentrate on the why.

Why promote diversity in your business? (photo source)

(By the way,
“diversity” can mean a lot of different things. We’ll look at those in more
detail in the next article, but for now, just keep in mind that it has a
variety of dimensions—it can be about age, race, gender, sexual orientation,
religion, nationality, disability, and more.)

1. Make More Money

Let’s start with the
bottom line. To put it simply, studies have shown that companies with more
diverse workforces make more money. Quite a lot more money, in fact.

For example, research by
that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more
likely to have above-average financial returns. For gender diversity, that
number is 15%. And companies in the bottom quartile for diversity were less likely to achieve above-average

In the U.S., the
research found that for every 10% increase in racial and ethnic diversity on
the senior-executive team, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) rose

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forty four Premium Meals Menu Templates To Obtain

Creating a design of a menu for restaurants, fast food companies, or cafes is no easy task. A lot of factors are needed to be considered to come up with the best design that will suit both the business owner’s and customers’ taste. A menu showcases the items that are available in your service and subtly displays the theme of your restaurant. Since the food menu is the one thing that customers see before they make their decision. It is wise to design it in a way that it will give a good impression in your favor. We have below

The post 44 Premium Food Menu Templates To Download appeared first on Naldz Graphics.

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Delivering RCS messaging to Android customers worldwide

android rcs

Whether we’re receiving a boarding pass for a flight or chatting with friends and family, SMS (better known as text messaging) is a universal way for us to stay connected. But despite its ubiquity, SMS hasn’t evolved to take advantage of all the features that smartphones enable today. We believe it’s important to innovate in messaging standards, so we’ve been working with the mobile industry on an initiative to upgrade SMS through a universal standard called RCS (Rich Communications Services), bringing more enhanced features to the standard messaging experience on mobile devices. Today, we’re taking a significant step toward making RCS messaging universally available to users across the world with 27 carriers and device manufacturers launching RCS to Android users with Google.

Following our partnerships with Sprint, Rogers, and Telenor, today we’re announcing that Orange, Deutsche Telekom, and Globe are committed to launching RCS messaging powered by the Jibe RCS cloud from Google and will be preloading Android Messages (formerly called Messenger for Android) as the standard native messaging app for their subscribers. We’re also announcing that the Vodafone Group RCS service is supporting Android Messages and has already launched across 10 markets for Vodafone subscribers globally.

These partners have also committed to interconnecting through the Jibe RCS hub so that RCS messages are delivered to subscribers across carrier networks, helping RCS messaging become truly universal. We’re now partnering with carriers representing more than 1B subscribers worldwide.

Upgrading the default messaging experience for Android

We want to make sure that Android users can access all the features that RCS messaging offers, like group chat, high-res photo sharing, read receipts, and more. So we’re working with mobile device manufacturers to make Android Messages the default messaging app for Android devices. Mobile device brands LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC, ZTE,

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