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It is simpler than ever to journey with Venture Fi


When it’s time to get ready for a trip, you want to focus on the adventures ahead, not the hassle of figuring out your phone coverage. Bill Protection already lets you use your data, including when you travel, without running up your bill, and today we’re giving travelers some extra peace of mind by expanding our international coverage and introducing a new way to figure out if you’ll be covered with Project Fi on your next trip.

Coverage from Argentina to Zambia

Starting today, you can enjoy data coverage in 170 countries and territories. Like always, the data you use abroad costs the same as the data you use at home. You’ll continue to enjoy the same high-speed international coverage, now in more places like Belize and Myanmar. And if you need some extra data when you travel, don’t sweat it—your data is still just $10 per GB or free with built-in Bill Protection.

Here’s what’s new to our international coverage.

Know before you go

Project Fi will now let you know whether you’re covered on your next trip based on your upcoming international flights from Gmail. You’ll receive a notification in your Project Fi app shortly before your trip that allows you to easily see your coverage options and costs. These notifications will be enabled by default, but you can turn them off in your account settings.

Know when you’ll be covered on your upcoming trips.

If you’re already on Project Fi, you don’t have to do anything to activate your international coverage—it’s all part of your phone plan. If you’re considering joining Project Fi, for a limited time you’ll score $80 Fi service credit with the purchase of any new Fi-friendly phone. You can learn more about Project Fi on our site.

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Need A Profitable Profession In Advertising? Your First Job Is To Market Your self

Marketing is an attractive industry for millions of millennials, and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from the potential to earn huge sums of money, the jobs are often blessed with excitement and versatility. Before designing innovative campaigns for various products and services, though, you need to land a job in the field. The best way to do this is by selling your skills and talents in an effective manner.

Generate a sense of enthusiasm from the employers or clients. In turn, they’ll instantly trust you to achieve the same with those product campaigns. So, how do you gain those positive responses? Follow this simply five-point plan.

#1. Gain The Right Qualifications And Skills

Employers and clients are looking to tick several boxes. However, there’s no doubt that a high level of expertise sits at the very top of that list. An MS in Integrated Marketing highlights that you know what you’re doing in various aspects of the role. When coupled with the portfolio gained through this type of learning, it truly is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in life. Expect plenty of new doors to be opened.

#2. Invest In Your Applications

Many people become strong candidates only to let themselves down during applications. Firstly, building a strong CV that showcases your talents is essential to creating a winning first impression. As for application forms and cover letters, however, it’s imperative that you tailor those to each job. Otherwise, those templates documents could hold you back because it looks like you cannot be bothered to make an effort.

#3. Bolster Your Appearance And Confidence

The harsh reality of modern business is that you will be judged on more

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What You Ought to Know About Reasonably priced search engine optimization Providers

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools that businesses can utilize.

Out of all the capabilities of the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most vital aspects to focus on. This will help your customers find you online, and thus increase sales of your product or service.

Many times, however, companies don’t have the time or energy to devote to managing SEO for their business. As a result, many business owners employ third-party SEO services.

But, you should be wary of SEO providers that offer their services for cheap. You often get what you pay for, and a low-cost may mean a low-quality service.

Not all affordable SEO services are bad, but some may utilize questionable practices. Read on to learn the truth about SEO businesses that barely dent your wallet.

Lower Cost Equals Lower Performance

When companies charge a lower rate for their services, it means they pay their workers with low wages, as well. The only employees who would take on a job that offers such low compensation are those who are experienced.

As you can expect, inexperienced workers often yield subpar results. This is why it is so important to avoid affordable SEO services that charge pennies for their work.

While it may not be enticing to devote a large amount of your budget toward SEO, the difference will be night and day compared to only throwing a little bit of cash at it.

Any business that is serious about their consumers finding them online has to pursue SEO intelligently in order to make the most of it.

Low-Quality Backlinks

Having quality backlinks that lead to your website is one of the best things you can do for your business. But, the emphasis here is on quality.

Cheaper SEO services will often spam links on

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Now on iOS: one-faucet entry to actual-time commute information and locations round you

Whether we like it or not, sometimes life just flies by. And in the moment, every minute counts. Just one minute can be the difference between catching the last train or walking home in the rain. Or getting to that new restaurant in time to snag the last table. Last year we updated Google Maps for Android to provide access to helpful everyday info–in real time–at the bottom of the home screen. Now we’ve rolled out that same useful update to Google Maps for iOS as well.

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Just swipe up and you’ll see three tabs–the explore tab, driving tab and transit tab–that will help you find a nearby restaurant, beat traffic, or catch the next bus. No matter what iOS device you’re using, Google Maps can get you where you’re going and help you explore the world around you.

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Design: Utilizing Cellular Net Apps Needs to be Easy

Creating something just because it’s possible is a widespread bad habit in development. Especially smartphones provide a lot of technological options. But don’t forget that the user wants to have an easy time with your mobile web apps. The following article tells you what exactly that means.

It’s a perspective that designers rarely take: could the available interaction methods contain some that the user does not even want to use?

The consultancy Change Sciences looked into this exact question and got some surprising results. The scientists took a structured approach to the topic of mobile users with the help of smaller (up to 20 participants), and larger (up to 100 participants) studies.

For both responsive web design and native app design, they put out some solid recommendations you should consider if you want mobile users to turn into clients as well.

Forgo Unnecessary Gestures

Change Sciences found out that mobile users mainly rely on three gestures, and, if possible, avoid the use of further interaction methods. Above all else, they don’t want to be confronted with other control actions innovatively invented by the web app developer.

According to that, the most important gestures are scrolling, swiping, and tapping. The scroll gesture is the most popular and most used action of all of them. According to Change Sciences, 94 percent of all users make use of this gesture more than three times in a session of at least ten minutes. Scrolling is already familiar from the desktop and its mouse controls.

Most smartphone users like to interact with only one hand necessary. (Photo: Pixabay)

Swiping is no longer a problem for users either. Most of them try the gesture in the upper screen area, regardless of visual hints, such as arrows. In other areas of the screen, however, making users swipe takes visual clues.


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