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Superior Checkbox Styling with CSS Grid

The CSS Grid Layout Module can not only solve a mammoth of a layout problem but also some good old mulish issues we’ve been dealing with for a long time, such as styling a checkbox label. While…

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From paw prints to a digital footprint: a tailor store attracts new clients

photo 1.jpg

A chubby French Bulldog keeps watch in front of a vintage-looking tailor shop in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Meet Bruno, the face of Village Tailor and Cleaners. Vince, the shop’s owner, immigrated to the U.S. from Italy when he was just 18 years old, establishing Village Tailor in 1977. Today, his family-run business has grown into three locations and is best known for its skilled leather and suede alterations. Inside the shop, a wall covered in autographed photos of celebrity customers—Celine Dion, Marc Anthony, Elton John, and others—is a testament to the iconic quality of Vince’s work.

Vince and Bruno outside the shop.

While Bruno had been doing a wonderful job bringing in passersby, Vince knew he needed a way to stand out from the many tailoring shops in SoHo and reach more customers.

Vince noticed that most of his customers were walking in with a bag of clothes in one hand, and researching local businesses on their cell phone with the other. So, he decided to get his business online. He saw it as similar to Bruno sitting out front: their online presence could spark curiosity, help them stand out, and invite in new customers.

photo 2.jpg

Bruno is on the lookout for new customers … and treats.

He set up Village Tailor’s Google listing, so that he could edit how his business appears when people find it on Google Search and Maps. He added photos to his listing, posted updates about his skilled alterations, and used Google website builder to create

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Generate WordPress Code Snippets “Magically” with WP Hasty

Dealing with WP code snippets can be a real pain. From custom taxonomies to WP_Query loops, developers are always copy-pasting snippets between projects. With the WP Hasty web app, you can save time…

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What Your Enterprise Can Do to Help Spirit Day

Screenshot from Spirit Day website

Today is Spirit Day, a day when
millions of people take a stand
against bullying and in support of LGBTQ youth.

What does this have to
do with your business? Plenty. There are some very good reasons for you to
support this event, as we’ll discuss in this article. We’ll
take a close look at what Spirit Day is and why it matters, and then we’ll look
at why your business should support it. Then we’ll go through some simple,
practical things you can do to show your solidarity.

Even though it’s already Spirit Day today,
it’s still not too late to take action. You can do some of the things we’ll
discuss in this article immediately, so that you can show your support. For the
other things that require a little more forward planning, consider this your
resource for Spirit Day 2018!

What Spirit Day Is

One fall evening in 2010, 18-year-old Tyler
Clementi left his dorm room at Rutgers University in New Jersey, made his way
to the George Washington Bridge, and jumped to his death in the river below.

The day before Clementi’s suicide, his roommate had used a webcam to spy on him in his bedroom with another man and had
encouraged others to view them on the internet. In the same month as Clementi’s
death, four
other American teenagers
committed suicide after being taunted about being

Out of these horrific events, Spirit Day was born. High-school
student Brittany McMillan founded it as a day of awareness, acceptance, and
love to prevent such tragedies. With the help of LGBTQ media advocacy
organization GLAAD, Spirit Day grew over
the years, and today, millions of people mark the annual event to stand in
solidarity with LGBTQ youth.

Well-known companies like Wells Fargo,
Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s and the NFL, among others, have also become
partners of the event, and many businesses and individuals show their support
in a variety of ways. The aim is to

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The best way to Present Zeros as Clean Cells in Excel in 60 Seconds

Excel file with zero cells

When you’re working in Excel and have big data sheets, it’s totally possible that many of your values could be zero.

This is common, but it can make your spreadsheet difficult to read and navigate. We don’t have to change all of these zeros and delete them from the data to clean up our spreadsheet.

Instead we can just change how they appear. Instead of showing all these zeros, we could blank them with one simple option in Excel. Let’s learn how.

How to Quickly Show Excel Cells as Blank if Zero

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that compliment this video.

1. Open Your Excel File That Has Zero Cells

We start with an Excel file with numerous 0 cells, which we want to turn blank.

Excel file with zero (0) cells.

2. How to Turn Off Show Zeros in Excel

Now go to the File tab here in Excel. Now find the Options button here on the left side, and go ahead and click on it.

Now, change to the Advanced option on the left side. Let’s scroll down. And in the midst of these options, go ahead and find the box that says, Show a zero in cells that have zero value. This option controls the setting for the entire workbook. We need to go ahead and uncheck that box and now let’s press OK.

Show a blank in Ecxel cells that have zero value
Show a blank in Ecxel cells that have zero value.

3. Now Excel Will Show Zero Cells as Blank

When we return to the workbook, you can see that all of the zeros are now hidden. The zero value is still inside the cell, but Excel changes how it shows it and it blanks those cells out. This might also be useful in a pivot table

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