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[Freebie] Winter Sports activities Icon Set: 50 Icons, three Types, SVG and PNG


Are you ready for winter? Ready to get your skis out and take to the slopes? If you’re not that adventurous, don’t worry! You can stay under the duvet instead and prepare for the upcoming season with this winter sports freebie. It includes a wide range of icons focused on typical winter sport activities such as ice skating, skiing or snowboarding; all designed to add some extra chill to your projects! About Winter Sports Icon Set These icons are available in our three styles (flat, linear and linear color) as well as all different kinds of sizes. To make your …

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eight Human Jobs A.I. Robots Will Ultimately Take Over

Advances in AI and automation has been making the mainstream news as of late. It’s not just Filipinos or Mexicans taking white people’s jobs, our robot overlords are taking over the…

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14 Greatest Journey Weblog Themes for WordPress

Travelling is one of the best hobbies that we know of and what a greater way of documenting trips or gathering memories than a travel blog? Fortunately, nowadays it’s pretty easy to set up a blog. One of the steps into it would be to pick the right design for it.

Choosing the right theme for a blog can be time-consuming. Having an experience of almost 10 years with the WordPress themes industry, we’ve got our eyes (and not only 💪) trained and can easily notice a good theme which stands out from the multiple choices on the market. That is, you can rely on the below list and choose the theme that will make your travel blog stand out.

Here are some key points you should consider when choosing the most suitable theme for your travel blog and the features we considered when creating this selection:

  • Stylish & Responsive: it’s important to have a catchy and organized layout for your blog so that the readers will have the best experience while reading about your adventures. Also, nowadays it’s a must to have a responsive website as people have lots of devices and it’s better to consider that they often choose to read blogs on the go.
  • Content Types: for a travel blogger it’s a great advantage to have flexibility when it comes to types of content. Very often traveling implies taking lots of pictures plus the textual and video content. This is why it’s preferable that the theme can combine all of these with ease.
  • Highly Customizable: since traveling is linked to personal experiences, it’s very important to have as many options as possible for customizing your blog.
  • Social Media Integration: in the case of travel blogs it’s very useful to have social media sharing options for the posts in order to gain more readers
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The best way to Insert a GIF into PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

Free presentation eBook

GIF images are a great way to bring some animation without creating a video file. And PowerPoint supports working with these animated images.

We also have a helpful complement to this tutorial. Download our FREE eBook:

Note: In this tutorial we use the Glasses PowerPoint Template. You can get great PPT presentation templates from Envato Elements.

How to Quickly Add a GIF to PowerPoint

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. Find Your GIF File

To insert an animated GIF, go to the Insert tab. Now, let’s choose Pictures. Let’s browse to an animated image file that I have stored on my computer.

Find the GIF you want to insert into PowerPoint.

2. Insert a GIF in PowerPoint

Let’s go ahead and insert the GIF into our slide.

Add a GIF to PowerPoint
Add the GIF to PowerPoint

You can see that the GIF is on the slide now. You can click and drag to reposition it, or resize it just as you would with a normal image.

Now, PowerPoint won’t show the images animated until you go into the Slide Show mode, as you can see me doing here.

See animated GIF images in Slide Show mode
When you switch to Slide Show mode, you’ll see the GIF animation.

Notice that our image repeatedly loops with animation, PowerPoint doesn’t let you change that option for how many times the animation should play. So, you’ll need to make that decision when you save the animated image.

Use Photoshop, or whatever app you’re using to build your GIFs, to set that setting at the time you save the animated file. Otherwise, PowerPoint simply follows the metadata added to the image file that tells it how many times the animation

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Uppy – Free ES5/ES6 JavaScript File Add Plugin

One of the trickiest form inputs to design is the file upload. It has a default HTML style, but it’s not the prettiest thing in the world. Uppy takes file uploads to a whole new level with a…

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