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Chrome for iOS Now Comes With Learn Later Choice

chrome read later

Chrome for iOS users who would like to save articles for perusal later will finally get their wish as the Chrome 57 update brings with it the “Reading List” feature for Google’s browser.

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Functionally identical to the one that can be found on Safari, the Reading List feature for Chrome for iOS will let users save articles that can be read at a later time.

To do so, all you need to do is open the Share Sheet menu and tap on the “Read Later” option.

chrome read later

All articles that are saved can be easily accessed via the Reading List option found in Chrome’s Settings Menu. All saved articles are stored locally on the device itself, allowing the user to access them even when there is no internet connection. On top of that, Google saves the entire page instead of just the text, so you’ll be seeing the full webpage complete with images.

Additionally, Chrome for iOS sorts saved pages into “Unread” and “Pages You’ve Read”, allowing you to better keep track of your saved articles.

The one drawback that Chrome’s version of Reading List has is that the saved articles do not sync between devices at the moment, so you’ll only be able to access the Reading List on the specific device it was saved on.

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A Hand-Crammed Crowler Can Provides You Recent Beer Proper from the Supply

Love small batch beers? Then you should know about the Widmer Brothers. They only produce any variety of beer for a limited run, so you’ve always got something new to try! Sasquatch Agency designed their Crowler can to highlight the elements that make their brews so special—namely, the landscape of Oregon, where the beer is made.

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Video Tutorial: Surreal Collage Type Paintings in Photoshop

Today’s we’re going to have loads of fun creating an abstract—and quite surreal—collage style piece of artwork in Adobe Photoshop. This kind of art style has been popular for years, although originally it would have been made using traditional photomontage techniques with photographs, magazine images and newspaper clippings, all cut apart and reassembled using scissors, glue and photocopiers. These days we can use digital techniques to make things without even getting our hands dirty! Plus there’s a wealth of source material readily available in the form of stock imagery that we can pick and choose from. If you browse Google or Pinterest for some examples of surreal collages, you’ll see there’s literally no limits to what you can produce. I personally love the ones with comical outcomes that are made with completely random combinations. For this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll use a selection of free stock images along with basic Photoshop compositing techniques to create a fun abstract piece of artwork. Traditional artists sometimes used paint or pastels to add colour to their work, so we’ll do the same with pixels. Then to mimic the analogue reproduction methods originally used, we’ll distress the result with some effects that mimic bad photocopy prints with high noise and harsh contrast.

Stock photos used:

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forty Majestic Goat Emblem Design Examples

Every one of us has a uniqueness that makes us stand out from others. That should also be the case for logo designs. A logo should be distinct and easy to recognize so that people can easily remember and identify the company it represents with just a quick glance. For this post, we have gathered yet another collection of logos designs that tackles on a majestic creature – the Goat. Take a look at this collection below and let them give you some insights and ideas that can spark up your creativity and help you create your own unique goat

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The Use of Shapes in Net Design with 30 Examples

Have you noticed that most websites are, more or less, made up of rectangular boxes? From the rectangular shape of a browser window to the rectangular shape of buttons,…

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