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Designers: Infinite Shopper Revisions Acquired You Down? 260+ Pre-constructed Web sites Are The Answer

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When you think your client is finally satisfied, here comes another revision request. This time, it’s because he’s just come across a font he believes better fits in with the company brand.

That would be acceptable, except it’s the third time it’s happened! You find yourself stuck with the same project for a few more days, instead of moving on to the next one.

There are a couple of things you can do about it:

  1. You can use a tool that gives your client exactly what he wants early on;
  2. Use the tool that allows you to make changes easily.

Here’s one that does both.

Be Theme delivers what your clients need – the first time.

Be Theme offers a selection of more than 260 pre-built websites. Thus, it’s not hard to find one that’s a perfect match for your client’s needs or niche.

These pre-built websites are completely customizable. Moreover, you have a wealth of design options to work with. So, it’s easy to a make a change in the unlikely event of needed revision.

Even better, you can respond to your client’s request for a website in as little as 4 hours.

See how easy you can install Be Theme by watching this cool 40-second video.

10 Be Theme template examples that can get the job done.

  1. Be eLearning

    For clients who sell online courses.

    This attractive pre-built website provides a great starting point to build a website for a client with online courses to sell, or is creating an eLearning platform. Although plenty of white space is used its design, Be eLearning supports a large amount of content.

  2. Be Craftbeer

    For small business owners

    A client who is

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The Full Mockup Templates Toolbox – Simply $29 (ninety nine% off)

The Complete Mockup Templates Toolbox

Presenting your design work to clients can often be as important as the design itself. In fact, the presentation can often make or break people’s reaction to your work. Showing off your design in a professional, inspiring way will really help you to nail the most crucial stage of any project. Mockup templates are the best way to showcase your design work. However, creating these templates can be incredibly time-consuming, and downright impossible for many designers. This new bundle from Design Cuts brings you a range of the most popular mockup templates, for a staggering 99% discount. Presenting your work beautifully has never been so easy!

The Complete Mockup Templates Toolbox bundle is incredibly extensive, including everything from home related items to apparel, stationery, packaging, 3D renders, animated mockups, branding, paper, print, tech/screens, full scenes, rooms, frames, posters, desks, wine bottles, and more! Add your artwork in seconds, and generate stunning, realistic results. Each mockup has been meticulously photographed at high-resolution, with professional attention to details such as lighting, angles and overall realism. The scene creator items are all super sharp, and isolated from their background, allowing you to drag-and-drop gorgeous imagery into your projects.

Click through to see the full bundle overview and be amazed at the extensive collection of assets that are available in each product. To buy just one of these popular tools at their regular price would cost you more than the $29 price tag of this entire collection, so this 99% off deal provides a really unique opportunity to acquire a bunch of premium resources with massive savings.

Buy The Complete Mockup Templates Toolbox for $29

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Ditch Self-Enchancment: Simply Keep the Approach You Are

Freelancers are very susceptible to a trend that has been a thing since the eighties but has been gaining momentum for the last couple years. It’s called self-improvement.

You Still Have Potential

The name self-improvement itself is already one of the main problems of the trend. The general social stance in Western industrial nations prevents us from realizing this issue and abolishing it right away.

I’ve been an advocate for self-improvement for a long time, about twenty years. I guess I was made susceptible due to the skepticism towards my own opportunities, that I was raised to behave by the common education strategies of the postwar decades. Today, the reason for this skepticism of younger people is less a result of the education, but more a result of the environment. Every day, Instagram, Facebook, and all the other life time killers show you the great lives of the people you follow. My house, my boat, my car. Seems like you’re the only one that rents a place and the only one without a boat.

On a lower level of excitement, where you don’t care for the boats of others, you can still easily get the thought that you could get more out of your time than you do right now. The blogs of the competition are full of success stories, while you make your normal living. Your boss also likes to send signs that he wouldn’t mind some extra effort.

Somehow, I got on the wrong track and started buying a bunch of guides. Most of them turned out to be junk filled with commonplace, while others actually helped me boost my performance. I did this until two years ago. I was always looking for ways to improve myself, raise my productivity, and I was ready to question myself consequently.

You Are Not a Machine

What I

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Construct your first bot with Bot Framework and LUIS

Chatbots (or bots) are hot. Retrieving data through natural language is getting more and more common. Many people already have apps like Slack or Messenger installed and letting them use your application through these channels can provide you with more opportunities. In this article I’ll show you how to build your first chat bot with Bot Framework and LUIS. Although LUIS is not required for the bot framework itself, we dive directly in the combination of both. Check out my previous article on how to set up LUIS. Building a bot with the Bot Framework is extremely easy, yet very powerful. Let’s see how this can be done!

Build a great conversationalist.


Before we continue, make sure you have the following installed:

The Project

Download the Bot Framework Visual Studio Template and install it as a ProjectTemplates. Once installed correctly, create a new project in Visual Studio. Select Bot Application and give it a name. Create your solution and you’re ready to build your first bot.

Let’s inspect the most important things the template created

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Across the Globe – Improved Operations for Woman Scouts Japan

Girl Scouts Japan - Virtual Tour of WAGGGS World Centers

For this segment of G4NP Around the Globe, we’re highlighting Girl Scouts of Japan: a nonprofit that supports more than 30,000 young women across the country with its vibrant community and empowering programs. With such a large network of members, the nonprofit needed technology to effectively keep members updated on events, ensure personal information stays secure, and manage their Local Council’s communications. The suite of tools provided by Google for Nonprofits has allowed Girl Scouts of Japan to improve their productivity and increase their member base, giving them more time to focus on supporting young women.

Operations – G Suite

GSuite has helped Girl Scouts of Japan operate more efficiently and provide a positive experience for their members. More than 7,000 attendees signed up through Google Forms for e-learning programs about safety procedures before they headed off on a scouting adventure. Google Sheets helped the chapter to quickly access and organize this data. And by migrating to Gmail, the nonprofit feels secure with their custom Google privacy settings and the tool’s ability to weed out spam and malware.

Girl Scouts of Japan has also used technology to revolutionize a central component of the global Girl Scout organization: badges. Typically, Girl Scouts can earn woven badges for their vests by completing tasks or trainings. With the help of Google tools, Girl Scouts of Japan has created an interesting twist to this tradition: using Forms to create quizzes on their Google Site and reward women with digital badges.

Furthermore, the nonprofit creates engaging content with Google Sites and shares their manuals and materials on Google Drive so each Local Council can always access the most updated trainings. With G Suite scaled to the entire organization, the nonprofit seamlessly keeps all communications and information safely stored in one place—allowing them to spend

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