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Uzbek Vodka





“The design identity of “Chayhana” vodka should reflect the brightness and involvement to the culture. It should smoothly fit into the surrounding interior. Be close and dear to [the] customer. Be used as a decoration if required. The general shape of the bottle should be refined and smooth. So, what we actually have realized.”

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A Chayhana is a Central Asian institution whose name can be translated into English as tea-room. It’s a place where people hangout and socialize drinking tea.

This concept is successfully brought to life on the brand identity of the Uzbek vodka Chayhana by Brandbox Branding Kazakhstan who says that the inspiration for this design came from the Uzbek fine arts heritage.

The bright patterns on the labels are very common motifs in the Uzbek folk art, but Brandbox Branding adds a modern touch to these otherwise traditional designs. All the varieties bring art to the table and the studio cleverly succeed in creating pieces of art for an otherwise everyday product of the Uzbek life.


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Garzisi Saffron


Saffron is one of the world’s most expensive spices and Italian design agency

All the finishes, from the hot foil in the logo to the metallic texture inside of the box- contribute to create a premium piece of packaging that elegantly elevates its luxurious content.

Designed by Brandlore

Client: Giulio Garzisi

Country: Italy

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Beija Pure Flower

Beija Flor Naturals enlisted ISKRA Creative Agency to brand a new line of organic body care products. ISKRA started with an exploration into hummingbirds, which was selected as a brand icon for the company. The hummingbird made for a perfect symbol because despite being known for beauty, these little birds are some of the toughest creatures in the world, surviving in both snowy landscapes and blazing deserts.

The new organic body products are made from raw vegetable-based ingredients, so the design had to communicate freshness, simplicity, and quality. ISKRA’s challenge was to craft a cohesive story that connected the brand identity with the packaging, the product, and the company’s story.

They designed 14 different packaging items from scratch in an attempt to capture what makes the brand’s story so special.They used soft illustration to show you how your skin might respond to the creams. The colors represent the rejuvenation and natural fragrances of the product. Like a hummingbird the delicacy of the packaging is backed up by a product that is strong, dynamic, and full of energy.

Designed by ISKRA Creative Agency

Client: Beija Flor Naturals

Country: United States

Designer: Bogdan Kravchenko

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Social Media Newsfeed: Snapchat Advertisements Fb at Work

Snapchat Logo

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Snapchat Debuts New Ad Format With American Music Awards Stream (Ad Age)
A month after introducing its first ad product, Snapchat rolled out a second format Sunday night, a stream of posts from the American Music Awards that was sponsored by Samsung. “Our Story” feeds work in some ways like Twitter hashtags, which can organize people’s posts around a given event, often a TV broadcast. TechCrunch The AMA Our Story intersplices “Sponsored”-tagged Samsung photos and videos from behind the scenes at the AMAs with user-generated shots from the crowd and red carpet. The sponsored Our Story demonstrates how Snapchat could make money off branded content that feels more natural in its app than the pure ads it recently begun showing. People The AMAs were pretty much just like your standard concert experience. Taylor Swift danced in the audience, Pitbull hosted and every artist you discreetly (read: not at all discreetly) sing along to in your car performed. Check out, these, and other, GIFs from the AMAs. Mashable Taylor Swift opened the AMAs with a quite literal fiery performance of her hit single “Blank Space,” recreating the glamorous music video, complete with magic tricks, boys in suits and costume changes. She tweeted: “#BlankSpace performance tonight on the #AMAs!!!!!!! It’s gonna be crazy. No like, actually crazy.”

Facebook’s Social Network for Businesses Reportedly Launching January 2015 (The Next Web)
Facebook is slated to launch its collaboration and social networking tool for workplaces early next year, reports WSJ. Dubbed “Facebook at Work,” the tool will allow employees to work together on projects and chat in real-time via an interface similar to Facebook’s existing social network, according a person briefed on the details of this new product.

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Right here Are The ten Coding Initiatives That Show Women Can Code Too


One of the biggest conversations that is rife in cyberspace is about the ratio of women in tech. The issue wasn’t that there aren’t great women in tech but that there aren’t enough of them. And as the diversity reports from each tech giant show, the inbalance needs some rectifying. Google decided to lead the way by establishing Made With Code to teach girls coding but their endeavor isn’t the only one.

These 10 initiatives aim to break down the stereotype that women are not interested in coding and computer science. And they do this by reaching out to girls and inculcating in them a love for coding. Many of these initiatives started small and localized but have since expanded across the nation and gaining a global presence.

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Made With Code

We’ll start by highlighting Google’s initiative which was launched in June 19, 2014. Made With Code is a community-based site filled with fun projects to encourage girls to learn coding. The site also hosts additional resources for parents and teachers, and a notice board for events. There is also a Mentors, and Makers sections: both highlight stories of women who code for a living. [Visit site]

Girls Who Code

Reshma Saujani founded Girls Who Code, which can be considered America’s national coding initiative for girls, back in 2012. Still going strong, the non-profit organization conducts summer camps and helps start computer science clubs to train high school girls to code. The camps are backed by tech giants and their participants get to meet key people in the tech industry. [Visit site]


Hackbright Academy

The Hackbright Academy markets itself as a software development program exclusively …read more

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