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CEO of Tinder Will get Demoted by IAC


Sean Rad, the co-founder and CEO of the dating app Tinder, is being demoted to president in order to “focus on the product.” The move was first reported by Forbes, which chronicles the rise of the app and its struggles — most notably a sexual harassment controversy.

Sean Rad

Sean Rad, via LinkedIn

Earlier this year, the company’s former VP of marketing Whitney Wolfe sued the company for “sexual harassment and sex discrimination.” Tinder’s chief marketing officer, Justin Mateen, was suspended (and subsequently resigned).

Forbes cites an unnamed insider, who said: “If the Whitney thing didn’t happen it would be difficult for IAC to demote Sean, because they’d have a lot to answer for… But the lawsuit gave them an out.” According to the report, IAC did not want his “potential amateur mistakes” to threaten the fast-growing startup. IAC also owns Okcupid, and HowAboutWe.

While it looks like Rad will stay with the company and help look for another CEO, will he remain there for long? From Forbes:

The recurring question is whether Rad will remain at Tinder long enough to even see 2016. The man who in Philly was debating whether he should quit seems determined now to play through, saying he’ll do whatever he deems is best for Tinder. With a 10% stake in a product that’s already worth ten digits, he certainly has incentive to stick with it. “I might be naïve in saying this, but the soul of a consumer company is the product,” says Rad. “You take away the product leadership, and the company dies.”

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Voters More and more Flip to Social Media for Political Information

political news

Mobile and social media are playing a larger role in how voters get political information, according to survey results from the Pew Research Center.

The survey, which included phone interviews of 2,003 people 18 and older, indicates that the number of people using cell phones to track political news has doubled for this year’s midterm election. Twenty-eight percent of registered voters tracked campaign coverage on their cell phones, up from 13 percent in 2010.

When broken down by age, 40 percent of those ages 30 to 49 are using their cell phones to track the election; 21 percent also follow on social media. This behavior was not affected by political affiliation. In fact, both Republicans and Democrats said they used social media to get breaking news without the traditional media “filter.”

Sixteen percent of registered voters also follow political candidates, elected officials or political parties on social media. And those who follow political figures are more engaged in the political process, according to the report. Political social media followers are more likely to volunteer their time for a campaign, make campaign contributions, attend a political event and encourage their friends to support a specific candidate.

political news

According to the report, 41 percent of respondents say getting breaking news before anyone else was a “major reason” for following political figures social media — up from 21 percent in 2010. Thirty-five percent want to feel connected to the candidates or groups. Twenty-six percent said that they wanted reliable information other than what was available from traditional sources.

For more details, check out the full report.

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Late to the celebration? Right here is an infinite scroll of wonderful classic Halloween masks

Inspired Magazine
Inspired Magazine – creativity & inspiration daily

I know I’m a bit late to the party but just stumbled upon this amazing collection of what seems to be millions of vintage Halloween masks and basically couldn’t help posting them. Hope there’s at least someone else who will appreciate this.

Late to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masksLate to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masksLate to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masksLate to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masksLate to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masksLate to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masksLate to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masks<img src="" alt="Late to the party? Here is an infinite scroll of amazing vintage Halloween masks" width="640" height="364" title="Late to the party? …read more

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Recent and Helpful Assets for Sass Customers

Profound Grid

With such a promising title as syntactically awesome style sheet, this powerful and quite stable version of CSS extension language guarantees that your next project will definitely stay ahead and stand out from others; it won’t suffer from inconveniences caused by old browsers or small screen devices, neither would it come into conflict with other versions of CSS and CSS libraries. With a great skilled core team, huge community and 8 years behind it, Sass certainly is a great solution for enhancing your front-end CSS workflow.

Want to suit up your project with some helpful preprocessor elements? Then take a look at our fresh collection of free grids, mixins, UIs and plugins made in Sass.

Grids and Grid Systems

Profound Grid

Profound Grid will equip your project with a powerful, flexible foundation that is well-suited for creating fixed and fluid layouts.


Gridle is a really simple to use grid system that is created via Sass. It includes styles for beautifully displaying your data on iPad, iPhone and other small devices.

Frameless grid

Those who are sick and tired of incorporating fluid grids will definitely appreciate this frameless totally responsive grid that adapts your design column by column rather than pixel by pixel.

Frameless Grid


Salsa has become a part of Susy,version 2. However, you can still make use of it, if you prefer simpler and feature-less grid systems.


A Creative Grid System With Sass and calc()

The team teaches how to create your own Sass-powered grid layout. It is a perfect start for newbies that want to learn the basics or those who need a less sophisticated grid solution.

A Creative Grid System

Table Grid System

Having utilized table as a basis, the developer has skillfully developed a quite simple yet elegant grid system that will …read more

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Freebie: Trip Vector Icons Set For The Holidays

Freebie: Vacation Vector Icons Set For The Holidays

Today, we are glad to partner with Vectorportal to release a set of vacation icons for the holidays. This set contains 12 elegant icons in vector eps and ai formats.

About Vectorportal

Vectorportal is a one of the largest depositories of free vector images. They create free vector graphics which designers can use for commercial and personal projects. They also distribute free vectors from other artists who want to showcase their work to our visitors.

Download Vacation Vector Icons Set

Feel free to use this icons set for personal or commercial projects but please do not sell, modify, distribute or host them elsewhere whether online or offline.

If you would like to share this freebie, please help us spread the word by linking back to this original release.

We offer our sincere thanks to Vectorportal for creating this Vacation Vector Icons Set and we really appreciate their efforts.

Our freebies are created especially for our readers at Onextrapixel and the design community. If you’d like to release any freebies on Onextrapixel, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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