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Cool and Unusual Lamps and Light Designs

Cool and Unusual Lamps and Light Designs

Lamps and lights are indispensable items of any room or house or office. Lamps and lights are used very commonly to lighten up the darker corners of the rooms and also to add atmospheric lightning to your living room. Though, there are some standard designs for lamps and lights that we usually place in our rooms, offices and living areas, but here we have put together a very artistic and creative collection of some of the cool and unusual lamp and light design.

These lamp and light designs greatly vary in their shapes, colors, dimensions and also in their lighting abilities. Such type of creativity can surely grab anyone attentions and this is the reason why these creative lamp designs are very popular these days on internet.

1. Mushroom Lamp

This mushroom shaped lamp comes with bright white LED lights that are covered with colored mushroom shaped cover. It is available in different colors such as red, green, blue, yellow and pink.

2. The Light Drop

The Light Drop

These creative lamp designs are supposed to create public awareness about how we are dealing with our natural resources. Here the main focus in on water which is an ultimate source of energy for living organisms.

3. LuLL the Flower Light

LuLL the Flower Light

This flower light is designed very intelligently to open and close like a flower. It makes up a wonderful birthday gift as well. It can enhance the beauty of any room.

4. Sticker-Lamps


This is another very brilliant and space saving idea for a lamp. The black vinyl -foil gives the illusion of a lamp without even requiring the material. Perfect choice for those places where you have very little space.

5. Clothes Lamps

Clothes Lamps

Don’t get confused, these are not clothes rather are the lamps for lighting up your living area. Isn’t it an impressive approach?

6. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

This creative lamp design, although, does not look stable but it is perfectly balanced and stable. This is part of the magic of this unique design

7. Trask Lamp from Mio

Trask Lamp from Mio

This is another very brilliant and artistic design for a lamp. This lamp design will best suit for study area.

8. Dishlamp is Made of Plates

Dishlamp is Made of Plates

This creative lamp design is created by using plates that have been stacked quite interestingly and in an appealing manner that you can only see the edges.

9. The Blossom Light

The Blossom Light

The Blossom Light uses four LED modular components that are flexible enough that they can easily be bent or molded. So, you can stand it up, lay it down and even can hand it from the ceiling. Just use your imagination!

10. Martyr lamp by the play coalition

Martyr lamp by the play coalition

This is very amusing concept. This lamp is made from stainless steel, and it hangs from the plug point.

11. Lamp by Osko and Deichmann

Lamp by Osko and Deichmann

Very intricate design this is for a lamp, but it definitely calls for attention, and therefore it is in our list of cool and unusual lamp design.

12. Vessel Luau Rechargeable LED Lamp

Vessel Luau Rechargeable LED Lamp

This lamp works perfectly indoor as well as outdoor. It can act as a wonderful decorative item while lighting up your bedroom or living area. When you’re ready to go outside, just grab it and go

13. Duck Lamp

Duck Lamp

This duck shaped lamp may not be the ideal choice for you to place in your room, but the creativity it is designed with surely deserves applause.

14. Liquid Lamp : Appears to have no stand

Liquid Lamp : Appears to have no stand

This lamp design does not appear to have stand which adds beauty to overall design and also grabs the attention.

15. Sculptural Lamp Designs of Great Aesthetic Value

Sculptural Lamp Designs of Great Aesthetic Value

This sculptural lamp design is of great aesthetic value. This artistic asymmetrical shape seems to focus more on art than practicality.

16. Teddy Bear Lamp by Matthew Kinealy

Teddy Bear Lamp by Matthew Kinealy

This cute teddy bear lamp is both charming and ambiguously enervating. It blends a child’s favorite toy with a lamp.

17. Garbage Lamp

Garbage Lamp

When you’re done drinking, don’t throw those glasses rather than light them up! This is also very creative idea for lighting up your room.

18. A sit of Light

A sit of Light

This straw shaped light is your all the way go solution. You can take it with you anywhere. Very useful and artistic approach.

19. Noose Hanging Lamp

Noose Hanging Lamp

Ohh… This is something disturbing, and cool and creative on the other side. Though, it definitely lights up the room but it inspires a negative deed.

20. Electra Heart Lamp

Electra Heart Lamp

This heart shaped lamp can be gifted to your loved ones to brighten up their lives. Well, its unique design will make it a memorable gift.

21. Modulares Lamps

Modulares Lamps

The lights are available as a chandelier, a wall fixed light, or a table lamp. These lamps are a great way to decorate your home as well.

22. Light Blubs Special Editions

Light Blubs Special Editions

This unique design lamp is suitable for decoration purpose as well. It is made up of hand-blown bulbs containing LEDs.

23. Lovely Kid’s Wall Lamp

Lovely Kid's Wall Lamp

Here is another lamp for kids’ bedrooms. Its unique designs attract kids and LED light source gives enough lighting to brighten up their rooms.

24. Fun atmosphere wallpaper wall lamp

Fun atmosphere wallpaper wall lamp

This interesting lamp design will be best suited for kids’ bedrooms. It is a fun atmosphere wallpaper wall lamp that gives the impression of wallpaper.

25. LED Pocket Credit Card Wallet Light Bulb

LED Pocket Credit Card Wallet Light Bulb

This LED pocket light is compact and light in weight and act as the illumination. You can easily carry it with you anywhere you go.

26. The Nuke lamp

The Nuke lamp

This Nuke Lamp because of its unique design makes up an ideal office gift. It gives the effect of a bombshell.

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Survival tips and other ruminations on freelancing as a graphic designer

Inspired Magazine
Inspired Magazine – creativity & inspiration daily

There are tons of books, manuals, articles, guides, courses, advisers, trainers (and their assistants) out there, all trying to tell what to do if you want to be a freelancer. There are those who will accidentally discourage you, with versions of failed freelancing histories and lists that will nip your enthusiasm in the bud. And there are those who will tell you to stop analyzing and go for a headfirst plunge.

I’m writing an article about this, so I must be one of those elusive advisers. But I just want to go through the common-sense reasons (and, hopefully, solutions) that could end up on a casual post-it, on your desk. All I know for sure is that every journey is different. To a certain extent, that’s the exciting part. If you’ve been dreaming about freelancing, just do it. This is not a rehearsal, this is your life. Stop procrastinating (indirectly, I just reached a very sensitive issue: procrastination).

For those who are not confident in their work, those who truly enjoy the comfort of their full-time employment, or, on the contrary, those who want to go freelance just because they hate their current employer, maybe sleep on it a bit. But if you’ve got that spring in your step and every fibre in your body says ‘do it’, make sure you’ve got a cash reserve before taking the leap. Nothing major, a decent amount, just in case things don’t pick up as fast as you hoped.

Keep in mind that everybody is clueless at some point in their life, so you shouldn’t be taken by surprise that much.

Read about tax and how to do the books, your rights and laws in freelancing. You’ll be grateful later. There’s no human resources person to brief you. This is part of your job too.

Sorry to bother you, but it’s about time I ask this: how’s your portfolio? And where? For any designer going solo (and anybody in the creative fields actually), this is your pièce de résistance. Before anything else, make it a diversified and amazing piece of work with potential to wow anybody from your mother to the toughest client on the market.

You might dislike the word, but marketing is essential in reaching potential clients. Basically, you have to blow your own horn. You’re not the only designer out there, you know? Stop wasting time on social media, and make the most of its reach and those scores of followers and friends. Focus on work. YOUR work. It’s the easiest way to network online. And networking is essential too. However, if you had to choose only one social network platform, make it LinkedIn – a place full of professionals who are waiting for you to start a ‘serious’ conversation.

Must have: business cards. There are a number of big organisations which offer a business card printing service, many incorporate a number of great templates to get started. Even better: make your own, from scratch. You never know when you’ll bump into potential clients. They won’t remember your name, but they sure will find that business card to remind them of your smiley face.

Advertise yourself – the classical approach too: local newspapers, magazines, even bigger ones (if you have the budget), in shop windows and community billboards. At this stage everything matters. Actively look for jobs and projects on special sites and job boards, like Design Jobs Board and OnSite. There are plenty out there. You can set up a profile on many, eventually you’ll stick with the ones that bring you clients and make the whole process easier.

So far, learn about taxes, do your portfolio, network (professionally). Sounds like a lot of time and work, but your effort will pay off.

Time to learn about balance. In everything. Don’t take too many projects. You’ll be excited, I know, but the day has the same number of hours: 24.

And clients. There are two categories: good and not that good. In between? Many shades of grey. They are essential to any freelancing career. In time, you’ll develop a weird sense that should help you smell the difficult ones from afar, but you’ll probably have to deal with a few before that. It might be harder in the beginning, but don’t undersell yourself. Be concise. And, I beg to differ, but the client is not always right.

Be diplomatic and professional (you know, don’t miss deadlines, go the extra mile). If you’ve never been a diplomat, those days are over, you’ll have to become one.

Never ever start a project without a contract. You’d be amazed how many stories are out there, about people who fail to pay, pay less or after months or even years of completion. That diplomacy I mentioned should help you explain the client to also pay a certain percentage of the money up-front.

Design, but don’t forget to research your client’s audience before. There’s nobody else doing this for you now either.

There comes a time when outsourcing to other designers would give you some piece of mind. If it’s a major project, why not? I know, this is quite an advanced stage. Here’s one more ‘advanced’ piece of advice: insurance. This goes in the administrative batch. For all those unexpected and unwanted events (loss of data, libel, defamation, professional negligence, unintentional breach of confidentiality or copyright), its worth considering some freelancinginsurance. Some recommended options to get your started are: (Markel, Fidelius, Kpsol)

Take long walks to clear your head and get new ideas. Finally, you can do this, and nobody is going give you a dirty look when you get back to your desk. You are now master of your time, but you have to learn to manage it properly. What if you receive multiple projects at some point? Learn to say ‘no’ too. You don’t have to take every project offered. Make those ‘to do’ lists every evening or early morning. Stick to them. By the way, have you heard of “productive procrastination”? It means you work on what’s most important and more demanding first. All in all, procrastination should be less and less part of your vocabulary.

Finally, learn from mistakes. Take breaks, move, and enjoy life. Don’t forget that nothing worth doing is easy. You’re your own boss and this is the one reason most freelancers share. That’s it. For now. Enjoy the trip!

header image courtesy of Paulius Kairevicius

This post Survival tips and other ruminations on freelancing as a graphic designer was written by Catalin Zorzini and first appearedon Inspired Magazine.

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Hey Malbec

Graphic design agency, Estudio Iuvaro gave the latest wine produced by Matias Riccitelli Wines the ultimate superhero treatment.

Touted as the “wine with superpowers,” this label is personified by the graphic illustration of a superhero, whose mission appears to be keeping the wine flowing.

“Malbec is the Argentinean flagship variety and this beautiful wine is a truly sublime interpretation.”

The packaging is enhanced with colorful splashes of aqua, which contrast nicely against muted grey and white backgrounds, along with a big, splashy logotype that brings to mind the aesthetic of vintage comic books.

Designed by: Estudio Iuvaro

Country: Argentina

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16 Great Startups with Stunning Website Designs

Dynamic Yield

A startup company is a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. They are usually looking for both investments and partners to get their ideas off the ground, and the internet has become a breeding ground for such ventures, particularly, but not limited to, mobile apps.

There are many, many startups out there, some heading successfully in the right direction, others not so much. Many are destined to failure, few will become huge successes bringing the partners massive returns on their investment. The whole idea could be looked at as the stock market of the internet these days. Here we have scouted out some great ideas that are presented on beautiful website designs.

Startup Ideas and their Website Designs

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield was founded in 2012. It helps marketers create the highest yielding landing pages, promotions, calls-to-action, campaigns and content, personalized per user in real-time. It empowers marketers to quickly take data-driven decisions and easily customize their CMS. Their website design is quite minimal and simple, featuring origami animals, presumably representing freedom.


LaMetric is the first highly customizable ticker that shows what’s happening in your life or business. Out of the box LaMetric tracks things including: current weather and warnings, subject and time until the nearest meeting, headers and amount of new emails, etc. LaMetric is available to pre-order, although all of the earlybird offers are finished. The website design is flat and stylish, using a full width image with white headline text and the rest of the page, as you scroll down, is presented similarly.


eRated is a credit scoring solution for P2P transactions tackling a large, fragmented market of an estimated 100 million sellers across some 1,000 marketplaces worldwide. Their website design uses a full screen image, which is kind of out of perspective in just about every way – the mobile device looks the wrong size in the hand, and the flower in the background is completely out of perspective with the hand also – but somehow, this give the image a certain charm!



Avuba is a mobile-first banking account that makes it easy and quick to carry out online banking transactions like transferring money, paying bills, as well as a tracker to let you see how you are spending your money. This app is still currently in the beta stage, but they say you are already able to save yourself a lot of time by using it – and it’s free. Their website design uses a green and white color scheme and is very clean and simple – reinforcing their claim that the app is simple to use.



Magnific is based in London, and they provide content and viral marketing services to businesses around the world. Their website design is very dark, with brightly colored elements.



Proximus is a startup in the business of helping brands and retailers track consumer data in-store, literally showing where customers go in the store and what they do. Their website landing page is completely blue and white, using flat design and hollow/ghost buttons.



Spatch analyses the content of an email message and surfaces the things that require actions. These come up as highlights and also buttons at the top of the email. If you have composed the email within Spatch, the recipient doesn’t have to have it to see the actions. The website design, like many others, uses a simple interface to promote the simplicity of use of the app.


Smile Mom

This mobile app connects mothers with others in their local area. The website design uses a background image that has an Instagram-style filter, making the whole thing very pink-looking.

Smile Mom


Pubble is a platform that lets you collect and answer customers’ questions by using algorithms, creating a ‘knowledge platform’ by tapping into previous questions and answers and by indexing what’s been asked previously on your own site, or on Twitter, for example. Their site design uses a dark background image of London with a transparent block with white text. The rest of the site design is flat and there are some scrolling animation effects.



Currently in private beta, Lingvist is an adaptive language learning app that claims to speed up learning a foreign language by up to 10 times. Their site design is very green and very minimal. Presumably there will be a lot more content when the app is freely available.



This is an infrastructure as a service for developers to build e-learning apps, targeting educational publishers and smaller developers. Their site design uses purple as a main color, with some transparency, flat icons and a video presentation.



Shortcut ( is an app, e-commerce platform and dashboard for event venues that lets customers pre-order food and other products from their seats. The design, like so many startups, is minimal and flat, reinforcing the idea of simplicity.



Cruise has built the first highway autopilot system tht installs on your existing vehicle. It uses sensors and advanced machine vision technology to keep you in your lane and a safe distance from the car in front. It is currently only available for use on California highways, and will set you back a mere $10k! Their site design is sophisticated yet simple, with some good effects. The screenshot below shows the car with its lights semi-lit – scroll down a little further and they will fully light.



This Argentinian startup wants to launch a network of hundreds of satellites in Low Earth orbit. Here is what they say on their about page:

We are building a constellation of satellites to image any spot on Earth every few minutes. For the first time in history, we will be able to provide real-time coverage of the living earth: from global commercial activity, to the health of the planet, social conflict and natural events. Our constellation will make possible an unprecedented stream of highly valuable data.

They have so far lauched 3 satellites. Their site design uses a topical full screen background image with flat images and white typography.



BlockScore is an identity verification startup that addresses and helps to solve the problem of identity theft. Their site design uses a large background cityscape image with a blue transparent filter over it, with transparent hexagons, white text and ghost buttons.



TapSense is an independent mobile advertising exchange founded in 2011. The website design starts with a slide show, and as you scroll down the page, the design is beautifully constructed. You have to go and look at this one!


How to Start a Startup

And finally, a little light reading… here is a small infographic on how to start a startup – just for fun!

How to Start a Startup


Startups are currently all over the internet and all are looking for investors, donations, partners or sponsors. Would you ever consider getting involved in someone else’s startup? Have you created a startup, and if so, was it successfully financed and launched? Have you ever pre-ordered a service or product from a startup?

Please share your opinions, experiences and links in the comments section below.

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