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Social Media Newsfeed: Supreme Court to Hear Facebook Threats Case | Twitter’s ‘Dronies’

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Supreme Court to Hear Case on Facebook Threats (USA Today)
The Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider a classic free speech conundrum for the 21st century: When do threatening comments made on social media sites such as Facebook cross the line into criminal activity? Two lower federal courts ruled that Anthony Elonis crossed that line in 2010 when he mused on his Facebook page about killing his wife and others, including an FBI agent who was investigating his actions. MSNBC Elonis’s statements – styled as rap lyrics he likened to rapper Eminem’s – included killing his ex-wife, shooting up a kindergarten, blowing up the local sheriff’s office and attacking a waterpark he had just been fired from for allegedly threatening and sexually harassing a woman colleague, according to court documents. After a visit from the FBI, who had been alerted to the messages by his ex-wife, Tara Elonis, Anthony Elonis posted lyrics fantasizing about killing a woman FBI agent who had visited his home. Forbes According to court files, the worst thing Elonis did in real life was to harass co-workers at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, where he used to work as a supervisor and technician; he took off his shirt in one co-worker’s office and made “a minor female employee uncomfortable when he placed himself close to her and told her to stick out her tongue.” After a Halloween scare night at the park, he posted a photo of him holding a fake knife up to a co-worker’s throat, with the caption, “I wish.” Slate The case deals with an area of First Amendment law known as “true threats.” These kinds of threats are unprotected under the First Amendment. The trick is figuring out whether Elonis’ speech was a true threat or not. The Hill The court’s ruling could settle the legally murky domain of website comments and blog posts, and could have a significant impact on how people use in the Internet in years to come. “This is an important question because individuals increasingly face prosecution for alleged threats conveyed on new media, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter,” three free speech organizations wrote in a petition urging the court to take up the case. “If context really is a key variable in determining the point at which speech loses First Amendment protection … then lower courts urgently need this Court’s guidance on how the context of online social media affects the true threats analysis.”

Twitter’s New ‘Dronies’ Take Selfies To New Heights (AllTwitter)
Twitter is taking the selfie phenomenon to new heights with its “Dronie” account – an unmanned aerial vehicle that is flying around Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, taking sky-high videos of the celebrities in attendance. The Dronie is flying around the festival with a camera strapped to its underside, taking strategically-timed, six-second Vine videos zooming out from celebrities and other festival attendees.

World Cup Fans Create User-Generated Opportunity for Marketers [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
The World Cup got into full swing with the opening group stages this weekend, and social media has been buzzing since before the matches began. An infographic from social media marketing firm Offerpop used data from social media monitoring firm Crimson Hexagon to demonstrate the opportunity to optimize user-generated content.

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Facebook iPad App Update Focused on Trending Topics and Videos, Games (AllFacebook)
Facebook announced an update for its iPad application, in which a new column was added on the right-hand side of News Feed, which includes birthdays, events and four new sections aimed at promoting engagement with trending topics, videos and games. The four new sections were described in a post on the Facebook developer blog by software engineer Victor Medeiros.

Facebook Paper’s New Trending Section Makes it a Better Softcore News Reader (TechCrunch)
Monday’s Facebook Paper 1.2 update adds a “Trending” section that highlights news stories and photos that capture the essence of the most mentioned topics on Facebook. Those aren’t always hard-hitting news, but are things people care about like big sports matches, TV shows and celebrity deaths.

Source: BuzzFeed is Raising a Massive $200M Round (VentureBeat)
BuzzFeed may raise a $200 million funding round — its fifth to date — a source close to the matter claims. It’s unclear how far along talks are, nor is it clear who will lead the round, although existing investors NEA, Lerer Ventures, RRE Ventures, Hearst Ventures and SV Angel may participate.

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Univision’s David Beck Takes Part in Social TV Twitter Chat with MIT Alumni Association (LostRemote)
Last Thursday – the first day of the World Cup – Univision’s David Beck, a true social TV expert, took part in a Twitter chat with the MIT Alumni Association. Beck graduated from the school’s MBA program in 2006.

How ISIS Games Twitter (The Atlantic)
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Sunni militant group that seized Iraq’s second-largest city last week and is now pledging to take Baghdad, has honed this new technique — most recently posting photos on Twitter of an alleged mass killing of Iraqi soldiers. But what’s often overlooked in press coverage is that ISIS doesn’t just have strong, organic support online.

City Startup Market Prophit Curates the Tweets Bankers Read to Strike Gold (BetaBeat)
There are, on average, 350,000 tweets sent per minute. That comes to 500 million tweets per day. Market Prophit, a New York City based startup, is looking for the stock market signals among all of those tweets.

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Nembus Wine

Nembus Wine is a beautiful and decorative wine label that is inspired by urban culture. Designed by Ruska Martin Associates, Nembus wine is wonderfully detailed with lots of personality!

“The illustrative style of this packaging design opens up a young, modern world in the mind’s eye of the beholder. The vivid urban design lives up to the rather prosaic claim “A wine for every day” in a refreshing way. Small handwritten notes appear to be passing thoughts, while the bright red letters of the product name Nembus and the meticulously painted images represent the character of the wine. The images comprise a wide variety of activities so as to appeal to a broad target group.”

Client: Wein & Vinos GmbH

Design: Ruska, Martín

Creative Direction: Francisca Martín

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

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Facebook Housekeeping: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

Move your photos to other album

We’ve previously written about the privacy settings you should know and adopt on Facebook, how to better manage your Facebook Wall Feeds, and how to keep hackers off your Facebook account. This post however is more towards Facebook Housekeeping.

To be more precise, after being active on Facebook for months, or years, you are bound to have accummulated a mess in a few areas on your Facebook account that are hidden away from view. We are referring to friends lists, tagged locations, bloated photo albums, inactive groups or pages, and apps that have authorized access to our info (but have long forgotten about).

In this post, we’re going to look into how you can better organize these areas of your Facebook account. If you have more tips, do share them with us in the comments section.

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1. Leave Inactive Groups And Pages

If you check your list of joined groups and pages, there are probably a few groups and pages that you have joined in the past that are no longer as active as before. If you can find no reason to stay, here’s how you can go about leaving these groups and pages.


In this page, you can see and opt out from any or all of your joined groups. Clicking on the settings button at the far right side of each group and choose Leave Group. Once you leave, you will not receive any more updates from the group in your News Feed.

Leave group


As for pages, there are two ways to do this. The first requires you to access this link – if you can’t, then skip ahead to the second method. If the link works, check out the pages that you have liked, click on Liked then choose Unlike from the drop down menu (see screenshot).

Unlike pages

The second way requires you to go to your Facebook Profile (click on your name to access your profile page) then Activity Log. You will have a list of all your Liked pages.

Go to Activity log

On the left sidebar, head to Likes > Pages and Interests.

Pages and Interests

Hover your mouse on any of the pages that you have liked. A preview of the page will pop up. Like in the first method, click on Liked and choose Unlike from the drop-down menu.

Unlike pages

2. Manage Your Friends List & Friend Request

If for some reason, you are have a huge friends list but would like to start filtering out the “noise”, here is how you can remove “friends” from your list and manage your friends list properly.

Manage Friend List

Go to Profile > Friends. In this page, you can see all of the Facebook friends that you have added or approved previously. To unfriend someone that you have approved or added, just click on the Friends button on the right side of the person that you want to unfriend, and choose Unfriend.

Friend list

Pending Friend Requests

Friend requests that come in do not remove themselves if you ignore them. This means that when you click on that Friend Request icon (usually found next to the Messages icon), you will still see the full list of people who want to make it into your Friend’s List. These requests will stay there forever until you decide to take action.

You can choose Confirm, or choose Not now then Mark As Spam to avoid repeated friend requests from that particular person. For individuals who are suggested by your friends, you can choose to Add Friend or Ignore.

Friend Request

We have no advice on who you should add or not add to your friend’s list – you are on your own on that.

Filter Your News Feed contents

Say you are obligated to add some friends to your list but you couldn’t care less about their “what I am eating now” updates or their album after album of weekend activities, here’s how you can keep them as a friend without being subjected to the torture. Just Unfollow them to stop receiving their status updates.

To do that you can either go to their profile by hovering over their name, then unticking Following (to turn it into Follow). Or you could click on the down arrow button on their status update then choose Unfollow [friend’s name].

Unfollow friend

3. Organize Your Photos Into Proper Albums

If you upload photos regularly to your Facebook via mobile, your photos will always end up in the Timeline Photos album. Over time, that album will be saturated with all sorts of photos, producing an uncluttered mess.

Why not create a separate album according to their niche, locations, time or however you want to categorized them with? Just click on the Options on any photo that is uploaded by you, then choose Move To Other Album.

Move To Other Album

From here, you can choose to move the photo to an already created album or you can just create a new album for that photo.

Create Album

4. Remove Unused Authorized Apps

Do you know that every app that you have ever authorized access to, will retain their access even after you have long uninstalled the application? You have to manually revoke these authorized access, one app at a time.

To do that, you can visit this page to look at apps that you have previously authorized access to. While you are at it, its time to clear apps that you no longer use by clicking x on the right side of the app.


You can also choose to delete all the app activities on your Facebook. Click on Remove if you agree with the action for the selected app.

Remove app

5. Remove Tagged Location

If you happen to be at a certain place with your friends and they tagged you in their Facebook status, alongisde their location info, this tagged location will show up in your Places page. If you don’t like the idea of letting your Facebook friends know where you’ve been, you can have this information removed.

Go to your Profile page and click on More > Places. If Places is not on the list, click on Manage Sections and tick Places then click Save.


In the Places page, click on any tagged location your friend has previously tagged you, and click on the Sharing Option next to the posted date/time. Choose Report/Remove Tag… and tick on I want to untag myself then click Continue.

Report/Remove Tag

On another note, whenever you update a post on Facebook, your Facebook status will include the location you posted the update at. Before you publish that status, if you want the location info removed, click on the down arrow at the end and choose Change Location… from the menu. Next, click on x to remove your tagged location.

Remove Tagged Location

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